Friday, November 30, 2007

Way to Go Papa Rolli

Matthew acquired this guy Friday after Thanksgiving near his parents home farm in Gratiot, WI. He'll be getting this guy mounted, nice accomplishment. This buck was a fighter as well. On the deer's left antler there was a hole due to an early buck fight, a tine may have been broken off. Also, there was a big infected area near his nose due to fighting. What's more Matthew noticed a long scar on the buck's neck from another buck's antler. This guy was a mean 'ol bully methinks. Although no deer is safe on Rolli hunting ground, fighter or no. If it's brown it's down. (not really, I'm just saying) Nice shootin' Matthew I'm sure he'll be tasty.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

It's Who You Know

Today at breakfast we were discussing our day and what we all will be doing. Matthew has a very big meeting today at the shop with Hudson's mayor, the Chamber's president and some other folks. He's planning a bid to-do in Hudson next summer where very, very talented signmakers from all over the world will be coming to Hudson to make it even "prettier" than it already is. These big to-dos are called Letterhead Meets. You've heard car mechanics called gear-heads? Well, sign makers who are interested in keeping up the old school way of sign crafting belong to a group called the Letterheads. We have attended many Letterhead Meets over the years and have made life long friends with some very talented painters. Amazing work I tell ya. Amazing. If all goes according to plan these Letterheads will be doing various projects around town like murals and other "stuff" for all to see.

Matthew would like the support of some town official-type people to get this Meet up and running. He was talking about this meeting when Isaiah asked who would be attending the meeting. Matthew mentioned that some folks from the Phipps would be at the meeting as well. Did Isaiah's eyes light up at that piece of information. You see last summer Isaiah took a neat art class at the Phipps' and at the end of the summer the participants were allowed to have their work displayed at a little reception for the summer art camp attenders and their families. Not many children participated so Isaiah's project was the only one from his class that was up on the wall. In his little boy mind he had won. He was THE kid to be, ya know? Not only was his masterpiece displayed at the Phipps' reception but we volunteered his project to be displayed at the Hudson Hospital as well. Well, Isaiah had a bright idea about how to make Matthew's meeting go smashingly today.

Isaiah asked if the Phipps' personnel attending Papa's meeting were the same "judges" who looked at his masterpiece. Matthew said that in fact, they were. Isaiah looked pleased as punch when he said, "Papa, just tell those guys you are Isaiah Rolli's dad and your meeting will go just fine."

Osceola Sunrise

This is the view off our deck in the morning. The sun comes up over the wetlands that are down the hill. I'm so excited when it's a clear day because we can eat our breakfast and look out the window at this magnificent display of God's work. The first morning we were here at our new home we all stood at the deck window and offered a prayer of thanksgiving for the beautiful sunrise.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Sharin' the Love

All this talk of quilts, finished quilts, quilt retreats, etc. I just thought I'd share the love and show you all Anna's new quilt for her "big girl bed". My mom whipped this out in less than a month. Really! She stippled it. (quilting technique)

I picked out the colors I wanted from paint samples at Home Depot and mom took Anna's colors to the quilt shop downtown Hudson and found the perfect fabrics to match the colors.

Anna's blue bed is more a cornflower blue and the pink in her quilt isn't that intense. The camera's battery is dying and I don't know where the charger is yet, I think that's why the colors aren't true. Hazard of moving.

Thanks mom. We love your hard work.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Recipe for a Good Laugh

Follow this link. Thank you Kelli!

Nice Try - Updated

I don't know if all the other computers in the world do this or just mine so I'll preface. When I type in a designated "box" my computer remembers the other things I've typed in similar boxes and offers popular choices. For instance, when filling out a box for my name it'll pop up the choices I usually type like Kathryn or Katie. If I have to fill in my email for a certain reason it'll pop up my old email from Hudson and my new email address. I can use the down arrows, hit enter and there's less typing. I type pretty quickly so the suggestions don't save all that much time. It's a nice offer however.

Anyhow, my point is in regards to the word verification deals that one must go through to get a comment published on blogs. As I was commenting on a blog today and attempted to fill out the word verification all of the other words starting with "s" popped up. I didn't count them but the scroll bar popped up as well. Now why, I ask, would one want to search through the list to see if there's a possible match? As if. Wouldn't it be quicker to just put on the 3D-glasses you need to figure out the letters and type it? I get the name boxes, address boxes and email boxes but, word verification boxes? Really? Is that necessary?

ps Word Verification? In what language?

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Rubber Teeth

As Isaiah and I were discussing the impending loss of his first top tooth he wondered about the size of the adult tooth that will replace the baby tooth. I told him it would be larger than the baby tooth.

He thinks that's great as he then could pretend to be a rabbit (picture a boy forcing a buck-tooth look) or even that ice age thing. A saber-toothed tiger? Nope. An Arctic Hare? Nope, you know that big thing with loooonngg teeth in the front. Oh, you mean a walrus? Yeah, a walrus. I could pretend to be a walrus. I suppose you could pretend that. (They won't be THAT much bigger, but the boy was left to imagine)

Isaiah then told me that walrus' were made of rubber to keep warm. Wow! The things I learn from my first grader, it's amazing.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Thursday Night

Me: It's Thursday. The Office. Please be asleep by 8, please be asleep by 8, please be asleep by 8! (this is said with much pleading to my dearest girly Anna)

Will the pleading work? Who knows? I may just ask for The Office season's DVDs for Christmas. Mom, Sally there's your one and only hint for Christmas. Do with it what you will. Until then, Anna, please be asleep by 8, please be asleep by 8, please.........


Anna has a new skill she's been working on for the past couple months. It's using her imagination. She likes to pretend things and role play out different scenarios. These are her two favorites, notice the openness she leaves herself for character choice.

Anna: (pretending to be a bear, kitten, puppy, robot, pirate or bunny) I'm the baby whatever and you be the mama whatever.

Me: (pretending to be mama of whatever) Oh, I love you sooo much my baby whatever. You are my best whatever.

Her second pretend scene is that she has acquired a little pet puppy, kitten, bear or bunny. She holds up her little 28-month-old hand and shows me her "little" friend. She is actually thinking her animal fits nicely in her hand. Well, we love the animal up and then she hands responsibility over to me and says how the baby whatever wants me to hold them. At any given time during the day I may have up to 5 little friends tucked safely in my pocket.

Greek to Me

Isaiah was getting ready for school and I noticed he didn't have his hat. I asked him where it was located and he said, "Oh, I think I left it in the dirt room." I do believe he meant the mud room.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

New Clinic

Well, I gave up. I'm still coughing using an inhaler and two days ago I felt a sinus infection starting up. I toughed it out for two weeks, since last round of antibiotics, and can't take it anymore. I've had it.

We filled out appropriate paperwork at the Osceola Medical Center and saw a very nice nurse and Dr. I felt as though I could speak at my normal speed and that I wasn't required to condense everything because they needed the space for the next patient. Wow! What's that like? Nice. I now get to try Zithromax and Flonase for bronchitis and a sinus infection. I'll let you all know how it's going. I'm sure you're on the edge of your computer chair.

I will be eating yogurt and blowing my nose until further notice.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Born Cheesehead

Dear Viking fans,


Love, me

FCC New Richmond and Friends

Well today we tried out Faith Community in New Richmond. We wanted to give it a try as New Richmond is 11 minutes from our home versus Hudson's time of 30 minutes. Matthew drives to Hudson everyday since that's where our shop is located so.... driving back every Sunday may be a bit much. Don't worry Hudson FCC-ers we will come back occasionally. So no scolding, okay?

We figured we would like it since it is our daughter church. Matthew did all the sign work for the new building so he knows Pastor Mike personally which is nice. It was cool! We bought our new home from Keith and Patty Thomas and they attend the N.R. church so we were able to see them and meet some of their family members. Very welcoming but, being the introvert I am, a tad overwhelming. As soon as we chit-chatted a sufficient amount I scooted out to get my kiddos. Matthew wanted to then stay, grab a coffee, mingle, introduce me to Pastor Mike, ya know... extrovert stuff. I declined and said meeting Keith's brother and sister-in-law was good enough for one weekend. Thanks for the offer.

It was kind of like going home to your aunt's house. It's not home but it's still nice. Who knows maybe someday it will feel like home? Again... no scolding we WILL come back occasionally. Anna seemed to be fine going to her nursery area and Isaiah will enjoy his group, too. I think the move is hard for Isaiah because he's known the kids his age in Hudson all his life, or at least the majority of his life. Coming to school in Osceola and meeting new kids at Faith in N.R. is such a different experience for him. No matter what he's done he has always known at least one other child from somewhere along his little journey. Now, he knows not one person. I can tell it's wearing on him. He doesn't understand new friendships will take time.

The neighbor boy next door is playing football with Isaiah right now in our front yard. Isaiah's been looking forward to that all weekend! Our neighbor is a second grader and rides Isaiah's bus so Isaiah feels a connection. I actually let Isaiah run next door and ask if Hunter could come over and play in the front yard. On Isaiah's way home to tell me the update I never saw him run so fast in my life! Hunter could in fact come over and Isaiah was so excited he nearly flew home to tell me. This too is a new experience. We have never had neighbors in which to invite over to just play outside. I grew up with that and those memories are some of my favorites. I am excited for Isaiah in that respect and I'm sure having Hunter next door will be very helpful for Isaiah.

Enjoy your Sunday afternoon and are the quilters home yet???????

Friday, November 9, 2007

Whose Idea Was This?????

Can I just say I think it's a bad idea that all the bloggers became quilters this weekend. I finally get my internet back and everyone is gone. Also.... I know Kristi would have at least been awake with me at 4:02 in the morning, now I'm sitting in blog land by myself with nothing new to read.

Hey Kelli, how'd I do?

Thursday, November 8, 2007

BB Gun Rules and Hunting

This is just an FYI regarding the deal with the BB gun Isaiah received, and LOVED, last night.

The gun only comes out of the locked gun cabinet when Papa is taking it out. Isaiah is never allowed to even look at the gun unless Papa is right there with him. He must always wear the protective goggles I personally picked out.

We will be shooting at paper targets only, for awhile. My rule: No shooting people or pets. Clever, huh? That rule applies to all guns, pretend or real. No fun...I know.

He will take hunter's safety, though not yet. I know Matthew will instill all the right rules and precautions on his own. Also, I'm afraid if Isaiah takes hunter's safety now Mr.TooBigForHisBritches, Isaiah, will think he's all set for the real deal. I don't think so.

I did not grow up in a hunting family. My dad went deer hunting, read drank beer and played cards, with his buddies when he was younger. I was two the last time my dad went hunting. As a result when I witnessed the phenomenon that is hunting in Matthew's family I was a bit taken aback. This family eats, sleeps, dreams all things hunting. Deer hunting is a national holiday in the Rolli family.

Being the anti-girly-girl I was faced with the decision of staying in the house with the girls or joining the boys in the woods. Hmmmm? I figured if you can't beat 'em join 'em. I went out with Matthew one year just to see what it was like. They drive deer in that part of the state as opposed to sitting in deer stands. Hard work. I liked it though so I thought I better get myself into a hunter's safety class. The adult class I took was just for a weekend so it didn't get drawn out like Kristi's experience. I also told myself that I had to ace the class or I wouldn't be qualified to hunt. Harsh, huh? I did ace my class so I allowed myself to the next season.

Driving deer is a group effort. The drivers walk a determined area and they all have to stay in a line or the deer will scoot through the drivers. The drivers are not right next to each other and sometimes you can't even see the drivers that are next to you so it is a tricky skill to master.

The sitters sit at designated areas in hopes that the drivers will push a deer or two their direction. I mostly was a sitter as my legs weren't long enough to keep up. This is good and bad. Good because driving is hard work. Bad because you could be sitting for a good two hours and when it's cold and you have to "go" it can be a loooonng wait.

Anyhow, I did get a really nice doe my first year. I got initiated too. When you get your first deer and you gut it Opa Rolli smears your face with the blood. A little blood if it's a doe, a lot of blood if it's a buck. Sounds gross but it's pretty cool.

I was only able to hunt for two seasons as my baby boy was born and as a result, I've been a mom for the last seven years so hunting hasn't really worked out. I know I'll go out again and will love every minute of it. Eventually. Anna will most likely enjoy hunting, too. How do I know? When we watch the Outdoor Channel she gets mad at the hunters on TV and says, "I no want dem to shoot dat bear, I want to shoot heem." So, I'm just guessing here but she might be wearing Isaiah's hand-me-down blaze.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

My Boy is Seven Today

Today is my boy's golden birthday! Can you believe it?

We aren't really having a big hoopla party with his friends, as we have the past few years. A result of the move. His Hudson friends are a bit far away and he doesn't have a list of friends in Osceola yet as this is his third day of school.

So.... here's what we are doing. He opened a couple packages this morning that arrived in the mail over the weekend. He picked his favorite meal, porcupine meatballs. (Not made with real porcupine mind you) Over all the desserts I can make he picked a boring cake mix, however, he fancied up the frosting choice. Red frosting in the middle, blue on top and chocolate on the sides. His multi-colored layer cake is relaxing in the fridge at this moment. No real idea on the reason for the frosting choices but a boy turns 7 only once so ... whatever.

After supper and the rainbow cake he'll open the gifts from Matthew, Anna and myself. Anna is giving him the Jungle Book movie. The gift Matthew and I are giving required me to revisit the promises I made to God on Isaiah's dedication day. It's a BB gun along with all the safety gear and ammo. Matthew's been waiting for this day since the ultrasound technician first announced we were expecting a boy. I have been holding my breath for this moment and now that it's here I am hoping the snow flies early and BB gun activities will be quickly exchanged for sledding activities. This mom gig is hard work.

That would be the whole shebang. My parents and sister are coming over Saturday for buffalo burgers and to continue the celebration of Isaiah's 7-ness.

I was initially going to recount Isaiah's birthday but, in light of Erin's pregnancy I shall refrain. Not that Isaiah's birth was horrible, I'm just going to refrain at the present time.

ps Are you noticing a food theme here? Porcupine meatballs and buffalo burgers. The buffalo is actual bison however.

I'm Home


We made it, mostly. We are home and living in our new house. We all love it and feel at home here. There are a few loose ends to wrap up at the house in Hudson but, for the most part, we are here. The majority of the boxes are unpacked and I will need to decide where all of the decorations go. Major commitment decision. Do I really want to pound a nail in the wall here? Or here? Pressure I tell ya.

You all may have these things at your homes, they are called closets and garages. Wow, are they ever nice to have. If you don't have closets or garages at your homes I highly recommend them as you can put all the extra stuff you do not need on a daily basis into them. Really. The extra stuff does not, I repeat DOES NOT, have to sit on the limited kitchen counter space. I love this idea. Love it I say!! Very cool.

Isaiah happily went to his new school on Monday. He does not have my gift of shyness and so does wonderfully meeting new people. He loves the gym teacher. Isaiah likes his classroom teacher as well. I was mostly worried about his classroom teacher adjustment as he really was sad to leave Mrs. O at his Hudson school. I think he'll do just fine. We really like the district and I am happy about their curriculum.

Across the road from us is a wonderful family that brought over frozen chili and banana bread the first night we moved in. Along with the food they gave us a card that stated their email, phone number and the names of their family members. How welcoming. They have twin girls that are exactly 6mos. older than Anna. The three girls will be in the same grade. How fun. Next door to us is a family that has two boys one in 7th grade and one a year older than Isaiah. They ride the bus together every morning. I'm thinking summers will be very fun for Hunter and Isaiah.

We are here, home, and it feels nice. We've never felt as though we were done moving before. We do now. It's a nice feeling.

I've caught up on everyone's blog, didn't comment, but I did catch up. Missed you guys. Glad to be back.