Monday, September 21, 2009

Looong Overdue #2 - First Day 2009

Yes, the first day has come and gone. However, I now can post photos of the wondrous first day of Third grade and PreK. I also have some shots of my kiddoes going to their Open Houses the day before the first day.

We went to Anna's Open House first. The PreK program is at the elementary school. She is very excited to be in Isaiah's old school

Then it was on to Isaiah's school to meet all of his new teachers. Third graders don't always appreciate "beginning of the year" photos. Not that I have experience with this phenomenon, it's sort of a guess.

The real first day! Isaiah had his hood up because the skeeters were bothersome that morning. Anna's wearing the sweater my Grandma knit for me when I was a little girl. Pretty neat.

My two little friends. One last hug before the bus arrived. Anna still cries and gets sad when Isaiah's bus pulls up. I don't mean only on the first day. I mean! She hates that he's leaving her for an entire day. You'd think she'd sort of get used to this but, alas, she does not.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Loooooong Overdue - Polk County Fair

We had a card reader issue which has since been remedied. (thank you Matthew) Due to the long standing problem our picture sharing has been back-logged. I'll start this catch-up session with the Polk County Fair held WAY back in July. It sure is a great fair, we had lots of fun this year. Here are some highlights.

This is Isaiah's recipe poster he entered. This is an original recipe created by Isaiah. His recipe is entitled "Po-tacos". If you bake a potato and heap on taco meat and other toppings you'll have a Po-taco. It's very tasty.

Close up of poster detail. Isaiah wrote everything out and even took the photos of the individual toppings.

Another close-up. We even integrated the food pyramid and Isaiah color coded ingredients to match their category in the pyramid.

Explaining all about his poster to the judge. She asked a lot of neat questions.

Poster, certificate and ribbon on display.

Anna volunteered to assist Auggie the Clown. I really don't know what he would have done without her.

Our 4H club worked a shift at the 4H Food Booth. Isaiah's job was a general cleaner. He cleaned tables, cleared trash and kept the floor clean.

Anna participated in the pedal pull while Isaiah and Papa worked at the food booth. She came in 4th place for her age category. This is one place away from attending the state pedal pull competition. I had no idea there was such a thing. Anna is bound and determined to attend the state pull next year. Her new hobby is eating spinach, think Popeye power. She's in training.

Papa, Isaiah and Anna even snuck in some fun while at the fair. I wanted no part of this type of "fun". I just took the photo.

Fall Sports Fun

School has started in full swing as have fall sports. We have two new items on the playlist this year folks. Flag Football and Soccer.

Isaiah is playing flag football, his first time. He has a really, really, really great coach so I'm positive they'll have a winning season. I mean REALLY great coach. He's cute too. Okay, okay enough of that. Isaiah is really enjoying flag football and of all the sports he's tried football may just be the ticket. As a mom I've had a blast watching him play. It's fun.

Anna is playing soccer for the first time too. She has wanted to play soccer since she could walk. Seriously. I'm not sure how this love for soccer came to be either. She was an infant the last time Isaiah played soccer so she certainly doesn't remember watching her big brother. Anna is prepared though, she's had her soccer ball, it's pink, since she was 18 months old. Anna received the ball for Christmas from either Isaiah or Matthew, can't remember now. The ball isn't quite as pink as it used to be but yesterday it got it's first trial as a real, honest to goodness soccer ball. It's sort of like the teddy-bear story about Corduroy.

Anna is the peanut in green socks. She's practicing the skill of stopping the ball. (notice her "pink" ball, yep, it looks white now)

One of the best things about soccer is the fact that your two best friends are on your team. Just ask Anna, she'll tell you the very same. From left to right is Emma, Anna and Ally. Emma and Ally are twins. Very convenient for Anna. We sort of consider the girls triplets. It's easier this way.

Here we have the triplets, I mean Ally, Anna and Emma, speaking with their coach.

Anna will conquer the sport of soccer, I have no doubt.

On to flag football. Isaiah is celebrating their 2nd victory. His team is 2-0. Guess who took this photo. Anna! I thought my mom took this shot. This is pure happiness caught on film. Actually it's a digital photo so I'm not really sure what it's caught on?

Isaiah's in there. Gray shirt, dark gray shorts and white socks. Not sure if this was while they were on offense or defense but they sure look intense don't they?

Getting ready for the play to start. His coach is the tall guy in the tan shirt and gray shorts. Looks surprisingly like my husband. These two sure are having fun.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Step Aside

Anna will be getting registered for Soccer this morning. Initially I was planning to take both children along to registration. Matthew's plans have changed and he will now be at home this morning. Due to past experiences I decided I might get through the registration process a bit faster sans children. I mentioned this to Anna stating it won't take long and she can hang out with Papa until I return.

To which Anna replied, "Mama, you better take me to registration. They might hafta ask me questions about me. Well, they might need to ask you questions too, but you better just take me along."

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Fiscal Geography

Overheard conversation between Isaiah and Anna:

I: Anna, that coin is mine.

A: Ee-ah (what she still calls Isaiah, although she can pronounce his name just fine), I want dat one.

I: Anna, that one is mine. You can have this one.

A: What is it?

I: This one is quarter, it's for humans. The other one is just a Euro you can't spend it here anyways.

(I'm quite positive Isaiah meant no offense to all our friends that use a Euro as their currency)

Sunday, August 2, 2009


Conversation at the Rolli house this morning:

Isaiah: I'm going to grow up and build a house in Africa.
Me: You're leaving me and going to Africa?
Isaiah: Yeah, I want a pet giraffe and elephant.
Matthew: Go to Como Zoo.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Early Bathtime

Lots of fun was had outside today. I find it ironic that this morning I assumed it would be too wet to play outside, due to the morning rain.
Sand is much more fun when it's wet.

This is what happens when I say, "Sure, I don't mind if you add water to the sand."

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sword of Light.... or not so much

We had a very busy, fun-filled day today (more on that later). Last night we were all up late watching the fireworks in Osceola. Because of our busy day today and late night last night we're relaxing in the living room at the moment watching old cartoons on the Boomerang channel. At the moment Thundaar the Barbarian happens to be on the TV.

Apparently Thundaar's weapon of choice is the Sword of Light.

While watching Thundaar restore good to the world and defeat all those bad guys that go around causing destruction in their path Anna spilled some soda on the floor. No worries, our resident hero, Papa, took care of the spill.

Matthew said to Anna, "No problem! I have my OWN of Sword of Light."

Anna said, "Where?"

Matthew then clarified, "Well, actually, it's more like a Domestic Towel of Cleanliness!"

Somehow Sword of Light sounds a bit tougher. I will say, however, the Towel of Cleanliness did a nice job cleaning up the soda.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Art Camp

Last week Isaiah went to Art Camp. He had a blast, as always. The theme was Wild,Wild West. Yee Haw! He not only practiced the visual arts but also the performing arts. Very fun! All week the excellent counselors at St.Croix Art Barn in Osceola plan neat projects for the kids to work on and they run around outside and play big group games that all campers play. On Friday, last day of camp, the children put on some sort of performance. Last year Isaiah was in a play and this year it was a cowboy fashion show (to show off all their projects) and a line dance. This is so out of Isaiah's comfort zone it's not even funny. He did it though. (even with all those people looking at him....gasp
Gramps and Grammy came to see the performance.
Getting ready for the big dance.

Walking very quickly off stage during the cowboy fashion show. Again, not Isaiah's element.

Isaiah you did great!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Dear Matilda,

I know you enjoy our new home. You have found a perfect spot to relax while the two-legged dogs eat their meals. It is ingenious really.

You have never in the 18 months you have lived with us ever, ever begged for a handout. You are a super dog. You simply sit in advantageous locations where there is a slight possibility of a crumb or two falling. If, then, a small morsel happens to fall you simply snatch it up for the sole purpose of making my job of cleaning the floor easier. I understand and appreciate your efforts.

I must warn you, however, when the shortest two-legged dog named Anna is enjoying an ice cream cone you may want to relax a little further away from your normal spot. No real reason, just a precautionary measure.

Thank you.



Thursday, June 18, 2009

Rainbows and Football

I was driving Isaiah to art camp today and he asked if we could ever drive to a rainbow. I said we could not and then explained, scientifically, all the reasons we could not actually get to a rainbow.

I continued driving and wasn't paying much attention to Isaiah and Anna's conversation (argument?). I believe it had something to do with talking rainbows and flowers.

Isaiah then felt the need to explain the unrealistic characteristic of speech among inanimate objects. Other than this I really wasn't paying much attention.

My ears perked up when I heard Isaiah say, "Anna, in real life flowers don't talk, rainbows don't sing, mountains don't have mouths, those star things aren't real and girls don't have football-shaped heads."

I said, "Are you talking about Dora?"

Saturday, June 13, 2009


Isaiah just informed me he had a great idea for the day.

I: Mom, I think we should go to the zoo today.
M: Why?
I: I want to go to the zoo and bargain for the zebra or giraffe.
M: Bargain?
I: Yeah, I want to bargain for the the zebra or giraffe.
M: You mean, like buy?
I: Yeah, I think I could bargain for the zebra for about 50.
M: 50 ... dollars?
I: Yeah. (then he looked at me like you silly mama and said...) No, Mom 50 cents, ha.
M: hmm, yeah that'd be fun.

I'm going to vote to just stick with the original plan and go to Grammy and Gramps' house.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Dear Grammy,

(and Gramps and Auntie Sally too)

Thank you for always attending the kids' functions at school and for their sporting events. We appreciate your driving and very often taking time off of work to support Isaiah and Anna. We feel very blessed and fortunate that you participate the way you do. Thank you!

Grammy, thank you for hanging out with Anna on Wednesday so I could have one last afternoon with Isaiah and his classmates during their Track and Field day. Also, thank you for pushing Anna for over 2 hours on the swing while I was gone. Not to mention the whole plumber thing that you had to be here for while I was gone. Thank you.


Thursday, June 4, 2009


Isaiah has started his second year of machine-pitch. We are off to a super start. Here are some highlights of the first game of the season.

It was team photo day. Here is the customary shot. Isaiah is in the standing row and is second from right.

Isaiah's first swing of the season. If you look very closely you'll see his eyes are shut. I'm going to just guess I got him while blinking. I don't "think" he shuts his eyes when he swings.
Do you see that blur of blue? Yep, that's Isaiah running from 2nd to 3rd base. That's speed, pure speed.
And here we have Isaiah about to hit home. It appears as though he didn't run a straight line and veered wide a bit. Actually, he's multi-tasking and will be picking up that bat between him and home. He had to veer out to grab it mid-stride. Amazing, I tell you.

Monday, June 1, 2009


Anna has graduated from the preschool program at her school. She did such a great job.
During her Christmas program in December she did not even want to go on stage with her class and sing. Anna doesn't like any attention to be put on her so, even though other children were singing, she wanted no part of the performance. I was anticipating the same type of stage fright to occur during graduation. Yippee! It did not.
A tradition at her school, usually reserved for that year's graduating seniors, is the presentation of Character Awards. Character Awards are given by the child's teacher. The teacher painstakingly chooses a character that best describes that child and assigns a Bible verse to coincide with the character trait. The award presentation brought this mama to tears, for sure.
Here are some photos from the special evening.

The proud graduate complete with a wrist corsage from Gramps and Grammy.

Anna's teacher presenting Anna with the character trait of "content". Anna's verse is Philippians 4:11 Not that I speak in respect of want; for I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content.

.Checking out her award.

A family shot in which Anna is leaning in to give Isaiah a kiss right as Grammy was taking the photo.

Gramps and Grammy came to witness the special celebration. Auntie Sally was there as well although she posed for no photos. Also, I believe Isaiah is revisiting the thrill of his own preschool graduation.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

FB App.

Dear Facebook,

I have a new idea for an application users can utilize while enjoying your wonderful product.

Let's just say a mom puts some chicken breasts in the oven, for chicken salad and goes to her Facebook page to upload photos of her little girl's preschool graduation. Let's continue that train of thought and say she forgot to start the kitchen timer. Well, if that mom is having tremendous trouble with seasonal allergies and her sense of smell is shot she will not be able to smell the chicken breasts being fully cooked and ready to take out of the oven. I propose an application in which one can time certain things whether it be their use of Facebook or let's say the amount of time one has had chicken breasts baking in the oven. Maybe a random beep of the users choosing could sound every so often and remind the user that there IS life outside of Facebook. Much like a reminder string tied around one's wrist.

Now I have no real experience with this type of forgetfulness so I'm not sure on the effectiveness of this application, it's just a thought.

Someone that will not be eating chicken salad tomorrow

PS Facebook is not in blogger's spellcheck dictionary, just something else you'd like to be made aware.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Anna's Last Day of Preschool

Last Tuesday was Anna's last day of preschool. She made it. It was touch and go there for awhile. She started out very strong and after about two months the novelty wore off. What ended up happening is a very large lack of preschool enjoyment. She never wanted me to leave her at school and was never thrilled to be leaving home on preschool mornings. Drop-offs weren't fun.

Anna always enjoyed her time while at school even though she said she didn't. I frequently came to school early to observe her and make sure all was well. It was. Anna participated and interacted just fine. I believe she just wanted to let me know she was not happy with the situation and was not condoning this type of activity. Regardless, she finished her preschool year just fine. She even learned some things although, if you ask her, she did not. That's my Anna.

On her last day Mrs.K brought an ice cream maker and the class enjoyed homemade ice cream for snack. Also the Kindergarten/First Grade teacher at her school let the preschool class take a peak at her turtle. Very exciting.

Anna is the one with short blond hair wearing the light pink outfit. Can you see her smile?

This is Mrs.K, the best preschool teacher ever.

Tonight there will be a graduation ceremony for the preschool students. Anna will go to the Pre-K program through our school district next fall so she will say good-bye to a lot of her friends tonight. The school Anna was attending is a Christian school and she was one of only a few Osceola children attending that will be in the Pre-K program.

Congratulations Anna, I'm proud of you. This year wasn't easy for you but you did it. Way to go!!

Monday, May 25, 2009


When Isaiah was a baby we camped frequently. Matthew and I had a nice system and it all worked very smoothly. For some reason once we started AdCraft the camping trips stopped. I'm not sure why other than Matthew was very, very busy and vacations were tricky to plan.

As a result of the camping stand-still, Anna's never camped. She has never slept in our tent, until last night. We weren't really roughing it or camping for real just spending the night in the tent. No pressure, no real planning. We just grabbed some blankets and pillows and all five of us (yes, Matilda slept in the tent too) tried it out. It went very well. I think we will become a camping family again very soon. The kids had tons of fun and we all fit, rather comfortably too.

Anna was tired so she fell asleep quickly. Isaiah and I were chatting as Matthew was arranging some items. Isaiah had smuggled a bag of Pringles into the tent and asked if I wanted some chips. I looked at him very seriously and said that we can't eat in the tent. He asked why and I just said it was against the rules. Isaiah looked very concerned and asked if I was serious.

"Yep.", I said.

"You mean like, with the government? It's against the law with the government?"

I giggled and just explained how we can't really get crumbs in the tent and that it was sort of a family rule but if we're careful we'd be okay. Thankfully the government isn't regulating any eating of Pringles in tents.

Although, I do think they have a problem with the eating of S'mores in tents.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Cultural Diversity

I appreciate Dora, Diego and Kai Lan. Really, I do. I just feel my Anna may be getting confused over the different types of languages in our world and the different ways folks do certain things.

Last week Anna was getting dressed for the day and rather proudly said she knew how to put her pants on in Chinese.

(Go ahead and read that last sentence a couple times. I had to ask Anna to repeat herself a few times before I was confident I understood what she was saying.)

I said, "Really? How?"

Surprisingly, she put her pants on one leg at a time.... same as always. The twist came when, after getting her pants on, she karate chopped the box that was still in her room.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mama Robin

We weren't the only ones moving in last week to the new place. A mama Robin was making fast work of a little home for her babies. She is living on our patio under the overhang. We can see her sitting in her nest from our living room patio door. I'd post pictures but I'd have to find the camera and charger first. Stay tuned...

Unlike the Killdeer incident of last spring I have no worries of feral cats ruining our fun and Mrs.Robin's hard work. I think she's high enough and protected well. I thought for sure that little nest was going to blow away yesterday, it did not. Oh, me of little faith.

For now, we look out the patio window and see the very exciting act of Mrs.Robin sitting as still as a statue on her little clutch. Personally, I'm more excited to see hatchlings, this part isn't all that fun. Anna, however, is excited to see the Robin so close and unmoving. Maybe she's just more patient.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Current Events, Miss Rosa Parks and Miss Betsy Ross

Matthew had many neat things in his AdCraft office. The items he wanted to keep have been brought home and we will find homes for everything at our house. Many of these items have to do with taxidermy. Some of the furry creatures are mine so it's all good.

One of the items he brought home is a very neat shadow box display. A couple years ago Matthew did a sign for MSG Trevor Lavergne. The sign was put on a hospital for injured soldiers in Tikrit. MSG Lavergne sent back a letter of thanks and some official paperwork stating the American flag he was bringing to Matthew was flown over the hospital in Iraq. I was explaining to Isaiah that the folded flag, pictures, letters and documents in the frame state that this flag was flown over the 325th Combat Support Hospital for Iraqi Freedom V.

Isaiah's eyes got really wide and he said, "You mean that's a REAL American Flag?"

I said that it was but wasn't sure why he was excited about the flag and not the location in which is was flown.

Isaiah asked again, "That's really a REAL American flag?"

"Yes, honey but, there are OTHER flags flying around the world. It's not the ONLY American flag."

Isaiah said, "Yeah but, that's a real one?"

"Yes," I said, "it's just folded up, behind the glass."

"Yeah but, it's a real one, like from Rosa Parks?"

Oh boy, we had a little discussion about Miss Parks and Miss Ross. I assured him Betsy Ross did not sew this particular flag. I'm quite certain.

If anyone knows about the "How it's Made" television show and when they may be airing an episode on how American flags are sewn I'd appreciate a head's up.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Getting Settled

Thank you for all the kind words of encouragement and prayers. We are here, we're unpacking and Matilda even started eating again. Poor puppy dog was a bit upset over her new digs.

We still have a few minor trips to make back and forth getting storage boxes over here from the old place. We mostly have some Christmas boxes, books and baby storage items we need to find a home for. Anna's room is all put together and the decorations are on her wall. Isaiah's room is about 1/2 done at the moment and our room is about 3/4 done. We like this new place and think it'll work just fine. I am so very thankful we found a place in the country and in the same district.

Things about the new place I like better than the old:
1. Laundry room as soon as you walk in. Very easy to remember to just throw in a load here and there. Surprisingly, when the laundry room is in the basement it's easier to forget about the piles. You get behind really quickly.

2. We now have a dishwasher. At the other place, although it was built in '93, we never had a dishwasher. Well, let me tell you, it sure is easy to keep the kitchen clean with a dishwasher. I recommend them.

3. We only have two TVs so at the old place we had one in our living room and one downstairs in the family room. Here, we have one in the living room and one in our room. How nice to lay down after the kiddoes are asleep and watch American Idol in bed. Also something I recommend. Very nice.

4. Master Bathrooms are a good thing. I always sort of thought them a waste of space. Not anymore. Two thumbs up on this as well.

So, all in all, we're doing okay. Getting unpacked and becoming adjusted to the new place. I'm pretty bummed about having to let go of the sheep and chickens but am thankful they are going to friends parents' home not that far away. We can visit if we need too. I am VERY thankful this new place allows dogs. We would not have made it if Matilda could not have made the move with us.

I'll keep everyone posted on our progress and once we're all settled (and I find the camera) will put up photos.

Thank you again for all the support.

Thursday, April 30, 2009


I haven't been blogging in quite awhile. Life has been turned upside down and I haven't really felt like blogging. Also, what I'll fill you all in on has been best kept quiet, til now. I think it's pretty safe to explain. Since I blog, typically, about our everyday lives and events I thought it'd be easier to just come on out and fill you all in all at once.

About 8 1/2 years ago my husband (Matthew) and my parents started a sign company. Matthew has been making signs of some kind since he was 18 and he has a BFA degree from Stout. He had always wanted to own his own shop. My dad also had some skills in design work and my folks thought the sign gig would be a neat thing to try. So, long story short... they did. We all worked getting the business up and running. Initially we ran the shop from my folks' house. A few years later Matthew and I acquired the entire business and moved the shop to a few different spots over the years. Matthew made excellent signs and word spread quickly. At one point we even had two shops running full time in two different towns (Hudson/River Falls). The economy allowed for us to grow. There were times in that span where we'd grow and reduce, grow and reduce. Basically we'd adjust and it wasn't a big change.

We were allowed some neat opportunities from AdCraft too. Matthew was able to literally travel the world. He made signs for places in Puerto Rico, Scotland and Greece to name a few. Our shop was featured on the Discovery Channel and our family, all four of us, were able to travel to Scotland. It was because of a sign convention in Callander that I actually got on a plane FOR THE FIRST TIME and travelled rather recklessly with my two babies across an ocean. (No, I wasn't really reckless but it felt that way at the time) Anyways, those neat opportunities were once in a lifetime deals that were made possible because of Matthew's hard work with the shop.

(If you've never seen some of Matthew's work I think the is still up and running so you should see his talent)

We met lots of neat friends too from all around the world. Isaiah and Anna know folks very well that make their home in Germany and Scotland. It was a neat deal for the kids too.

What does that have to do with moving and packing? Well, you see my mom had always done the books for AdCraft. A couple years ago Matthew saw the potential for a very poor economy and sadly, we took all necessary steps to sell the company and get out while we could. We had one taker (apparently all other business owners/potential buyers saw the possibility of poor economics as well). The guy that came in said he'd take over books and do some light production work. This was great news as it freed up my mom, who already had a full-time job besides AdCraft, and Matthew as this new guy was going to take over some of Matt's responsibilities too. Without spilling the beans too much this guy didn't work out. Last fall the economy hit us pretty hard. We let the potential buyer go and I took over the books, in hopes of saving some money. We also cut our guys' hours down to three days a week.

While I was doing the books and calling my mom non-stop regarding questions on how to do certain things I started noticing problems. Another long story shortened, this guy did not pay our taxes, balance the register and a myriad of other LARGE problems that needed to be worked through in a short amount of time. Mom helped get that mess straightened out but it had a huge financial impact. Matthew pushed through some jobs that would have been saved for our slower time in winter.

I'm sure lots of you have noticed money seems tight all around. Well, in an effort to just get to the end of the story, it's hitting us pretty hard. We have closed AdCrafts's doors. If jobs don't come in we can't keep the ship afloat. We've put all our savings and personal funds into the company in hopes of being able to hang on a bit longer. No deal. We have had no income since February. I would do payroll and pay our guys but not Matthew. We couldn't. We are surrendering our homes, our cars, tractors, etc. We realize we can't continue and are just sucking it up and moving on.

We feel very blessed to have found a home in Osceola to rent. We can stay in the country, keep our dog and Isaiah does not have to switch schools. Three bedroom rental homes are a rarity in this little town. God just dropped it into our laps. We have to send the sheep and chickens to a buddy of Matt's. At this point Matt's looking for work. As you can imagine that's not an easy task at the moment. So, there's some mighty big changes coming down the pike. At the end of the day, however, we still have what's really important. All the other stuff is just fluff. Makes for nice opportunities and experiences but it's not what's important.

So that's about it. It's been a fun ride but, rides over.... everyone out.

Honestly, Matthew and I are excited to see what the next chapter holds for us. God is still God and he knows the deal.

Friday, April 10, 2009


And why, dear reader, have I waited 33 1/2 years to read Jane Eyre? This shall be my new favorite book.

Monday, March 23, 2009

New Blog

Hey blog readers. Trina O. has a new blog. Check her out.

The Family Playbook

Welcome, Trina!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Fun Day

On Saturday the kids and I went to my mom and dad's house. Matthew was out-of-town so I loaded up Isaiah, Anna and Matilda and we hung out with Grammy, Gramps and Auntie Sally.

While Gramps, Auntie Sally, Isaiah and I played a game, Anna and Grammy made Brownies. Well, if you ask Anna she made them herself and Grammy just helped a little.

I can't tell if Isaiah won or if Sally's pointing at me because I won that hand. Not sure. It was funny though.

Anna's getting ready to further clean up the mixing bowl, spoon and spatula.

She took her job very seriously...

....and she even used soap and water.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Kids Say...

Last night Isaiah took his turn reading to Anna and me. He read Puff the Magic Dragon. As he read the words he sang the tune as well. Here's his rendition:

Puff, the Magic Dragon, lived by the sea and froliped in the autumn mist in a land called Hona Lea.

(something tells me he may have been trying to remember the song rather than reading the actual words, it's just a guess)

Anna, during the month of January, discussed the creation story extensively at school. Some parts must really be sinking in as this morning she asked a very clever question.

She said, "Mama, did God make you by using Play-Doh?"
I figure, same idea.
FYI: I did try to explain a bit on how God makes people nowadays. Pretty much it was just the first time around in which clay was used.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Ice Fishing

We had a fun get-together with family, neighbors and college friends this past weekend. Here are some highlights:Here we have Marcus (my little cousin), Isaiah and my cousin Courtney's girls, Josie and Grace, chit-chatting around a fishing hole.
My Uncle Doug (Marcus' dad) came up from Milwaukee with Marcus and my Grandma.Matthew somehow convinced my grandma to get in the truck and actually go on the ice and fish. Grandma had never done this before. Matthew kept her toasty in the truck while she fished out the window. She caught one heck of a fish too but it hopped off the line just as Matthew was landing it for her. He was bummed as he would have gotten the fish mounted for her as a souvenir.Our buddy from Bavaria, Manfred, and my dad. Just discussing the ins and outs of ice fishing I'm sure.My sister, Sally, Manfred and my dad. I think something was very funny.We had some snow angels grace our presence while on the ice.This is an Anna-angel.Matthew's college buddy, Chris, took the kids for rides on the ice with his 4-wheeler.Anna went for a ride, too. Apparently Anna was ready to go and Chris was speaking with someone on the sidelines. I hope he was prepared to fly. That girl likes speed.There was even some inside fun. Anna had a blast playing her best friends. Ally and Emma are the twins across the road. I believe they were all the mommies and they were taking care of their babies.After a long morning on the lake we all had some lunch in the shop. Matthew's taking a break with my Uncle Doug and Marcus.Just some more folks eating lunch.
My cousin had never had a snowmobile ride before so Matthew took Marcus for a spin.
Manfred, from Germany, had a lifelong dream of riding a snowmobile. His dream was achieved and apparently Manfred spend the evening and much of the night playing on the snowmobile. Later, he walked into the shop and said he had had the best day of his life. Ha! Snowmobiles are only used by ski slope workers and rescuers in Germany. There is no way members of the general public can ride sleds.After lunch we toured around the animals. We are all saying hello to the sheep here.
We were watching the chickens in this photo.

It was a long and fun weekend. We had a great time hanging out with friends and family and thankful for the memories.