Saturday, May 9, 2009

Current Events, Miss Rosa Parks and Miss Betsy Ross

Matthew had many neat things in his AdCraft office. The items he wanted to keep have been brought home and we will find homes for everything at our house. Many of these items have to do with taxidermy. Some of the furry creatures are mine so it's all good.

One of the items he brought home is a very neat shadow box display. A couple years ago Matthew did a sign for MSG Trevor Lavergne. The sign was put on a hospital for injured soldiers in Tikrit. MSG Lavergne sent back a letter of thanks and some official paperwork stating the American flag he was bringing to Matthew was flown over the hospital in Iraq. I was explaining to Isaiah that the folded flag, pictures, letters and documents in the frame state that this flag was flown over the 325th Combat Support Hospital for Iraqi Freedom V.

Isaiah's eyes got really wide and he said, "You mean that's a REAL American Flag?"

I said that it was but wasn't sure why he was excited about the flag and not the location in which is was flown.

Isaiah asked again, "That's really a REAL American flag?"

"Yes, honey but, there are OTHER flags flying around the world. It's not the ONLY American flag."

Isaiah said, "Yeah but, that's a real one?"

"Yes," I said, "it's just folded up, behind the glass."

"Yeah but, it's a real one, like from Rosa Parks?"

Oh boy, we had a little discussion about Miss Parks and Miss Ross. I assured him Betsy Ross did not sew this particular flag. I'm quite certain.

If anyone knows about the "How it's Made" television show and when they may be airing an episode on how American flags are sewn I'd appreciate a head's up.


Kara Jo said...

Sweet. :)

Amanda said...

Ha! Tell me too...I think I'd like to watch that!