Friday, February 27, 2009

Ice Fishing

We had a fun get-together with family, neighbors and college friends this past weekend. Here are some highlights:Here we have Marcus (my little cousin), Isaiah and my cousin Courtney's girls, Josie and Grace, chit-chatting around a fishing hole.
My Uncle Doug (Marcus' dad) came up from Milwaukee with Marcus and my Grandma.Matthew somehow convinced my grandma to get in the truck and actually go on the ice and fish. Grandma had never done this before. Matthew kept her toasty in the truck while she fished out the window. She caught one heck of a fish too but it hopped off the line just as Matthew was landing it for her. He was bummed as he would have gotten the fish mounted for her as a souvenir.Our buddy from Bavaria, Manfred, and my dad. Just discussing the ins and outs of ice fishing I'm sure.My sister, Sally, Manfred and my dad. I think something was very funny.We had some snow angels grace our presence while on the ice.This is an Anna-angel.Matthew's college buddy, Chris, took the kids for rides on the ice with his 4-wheeler.Anna went for a ride, too. Apparently Anna was ready to go and Chris was speaking with someone on the sidelines. I hope he was prepared to fly. That girl likes speed.There was even some inside fun. Anna had a blast playing her best friends. Ally and Emma are the twins across the road. I believe they were all the mommies and they were taking care of their babies.After a long morning on the lake we all had some lunch in the shop. Matthew's taking a break with my Uncle Doug and Marcus.Just some more folks eating lunch.
My cousin had never had a snowmobile ride before so Matthew took Marcus for a spin.
Manfred, from Germany, had a lifelong dream of riding a snowmobile. His dream was achieved and apparently Manfred spend the evening and much of the night playing on the snowmobile. Later, he walked into the shop and said he had had the best day of his life. Ha! Snowmobiles are only used by ski slope workers and rescuers in Germany. There is no way members of the general public can ride sleds.After lunch we toured around the animals. We are all saying hello to the sheep here.
We were watching the chickens in this photo.

It was a long and fun weekend. We had a great time hanging out with friends and family and thankful for the memories.

Field Trip

Earlier this month my mom volunteered to attend a field trip with Isaiah's 2nd grade class. Mom had Isaiah and another boy and they walked around the center and learned all kinds of neat things from years gone by. Being that I wasn't there I can't explain the photos but I'll do my best.This is a photo of Isaiah demonstrating how one would card wool. I guess the museum worker asked if anyone knew what those paddles were and Isaiah piped up and said he knew. I was pretty proud of him for remembering that.
Not too sure what this photo is all about but I'm sure the boys are learning something very interesting.

Most likely ordering something from an old Sears & Roebuck catalog. Again, just a guess.

Here the boys are demonstrating their carpentry skills.

Isaiah is practicing for some sort CDL, I'm sure.

Isaiah was thrilled that Grammy could attend his field trip and I think Mom had a pretty good time too.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Redneck Decorations

I just received this photo in an email from my good friend, Ursula.
Hey, Matthew should we do this next year? Right smack dab in the front yard, woo eee. I bet we'd get some traffic on our road for sure.
Just for the record, this is not Ursula's home. She was just forwarding an email. If Ursula were to hang a deer it would definitely be a real one.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Health and Nutrition

I usually buy the economy sizes of the Malt-O-Meal brand cereals, you know the ones in a bag. I also typically purchase the non-sugary variations.

Matthew, on the other hand, occasionally gets the variety pack of the name brand cereals, as a treat. The kids were going wild with excitement over all the sugary cereals there were to choose.

Being the nice Papa that he is Matthew asked the kids which ones they didn't want to eat. Not surprisingly they were trying to persuade him on the greatness of plain jane Cheerios.

Matthew said, "Cheerios? You want me to eat Cheerios?"

Isaiah said, "They are good for your heart."

I looked at Isaiah like, really? Nice try.

Isaiah said, "What... I saw it on a commercial. They are good for the immune system too."

I said, "Immune system?"

Isaiah said, "Oh wait, no, that's Welch's."

Health teacher, politician, whatever...

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


It is much easier to blog on a regular basis when your littlest person takes naps. It's also easier to blog when you don't add on a part-time job being a bookkeeper for the best darn sign company in Hudson.