Friday, February 27, 2009

Field Trip

Earlier this month my mom volunteered to attend a field trip with Isaiah's 2nd grade class. Mom had Isaiah and another boy and they walked around the center and learned all kinds of neat things from years gone by. Being that I wasn't there I can't explain the photos but I'll do my best.This is a photo of Isaiah demonstrating how one would card wool. I guess the museum worker asked if anyone knew what those paddles were and Isaiah piped up and said he knew. I was pretty proud of him for remembering that.
Not too sure what this photo is all about but I'm sure the boys are learning something very interesting.

Most likely ordering something from an old Sears & Roebuck catalog. Again, just a guess.

Here the boys are demonstrating their carpentry skills.

Isaiah is practicing for some sort CDL, I'm sure.

Isaiah was thrilled that Grammy could attend his field trip and I think Mom had a pretty good time too.

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Jessica said...

I think it's awesome that your mom is that involved in her grandson's life. That's going to create some terrific memories for both of them.