Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Update and Sign Off........for now

Here's the deal. Isaiah, Anna and myself have all been diagnosed with an atypical bacterial bronchial infection. Huh? Isaiah was told he has bronchitis, Anna pneumonia and myself pleurisy. Whatever. We all have the same deal and are on our second round of stronger antibiotics. Isaiah and I are both on albuterol as needed as well, for asthma, a result of this lung thing.

These stupid hives are just stress related and I know I'll be feeling good once we're in our new home.

Today is Isaiah's last day at school. I'll be picking him up and we'll go to my mom and dad's house for supper. I volunteered my mom for that job, thank you mom. As soon as the kids have swallowed their last bite we'll put on their costumes and go through the motions of trick-or-treating at my parent's house. After they have received their treats we will happily hop in the car and go HOME. Yippee! Tonight's our first night at our new house.

Yesterday we closed on the house and it was accidentally an allllll day deal that should have been done by lunch time. The mortgage guy was on vacation last week and something did not get done while he was gone so, yesterday they were scrambling and we had to wait a long time for paperwork to get to all the right people.

I will be without internet for about a week, til next Tuesday, so I won't get to read your blogs until Wednesday. sigh.....

I'll be baack.

So long, farewell, auf weidersehn, adieu

Thursday, October 25, 2007


Thank you all for caring. Thank you for talking. Thank you for praying. This blog thing is pretty cool for a cooped up mama. I cried a bunch feeling thankful that you guys were there and cared.

Anna and I just got back from the chiropractor's office and if nothing else I feel calmer. The hives will go away eventually as will this stinkin' cough. I just have to get through this next week and life can be normal again.

This is a bit rambly but, I thank you guys a bunch.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Enough Already!

Isaiah started coughing about two weeks ago. Nothing came of his cough so I thought it was maybe allergies. 1.5 weeks ago I got very achy and started to cough as well, hmmm? Isaiah was not achy and nothing hurt nonetheless last Wednesday I picked him up from school so we could have our coughs listened to.

Isaiah had bronchitis and I was on the verge. GRRREEAAT! Yet another amoxicillan party for the Rolli family. (Last year Isaiah was so sick with strep, bronchitis and pneumonia that Matthew wanted me to take out stock in whomever makes the stuff. We have all been going to a chiropractor for quite sometime and so far, no strep. We never get regular colds just lung stuff.) Anyhow, after nearly a week on medicine with no improvement we went back to the clinic yesterday. We needed to get our coughs rechecked and I have broken out in a wonderful case of hives. Isaiah's wheezing actually increased and after an x-ray pneumonia was ruled out, I mentioned asthma and we now are doing nebulizer treatments as needed for Isaiah. His cough has improved since yesterday. I have medicine for hives that I started today and I still feel so crummy I can't pack up the house, we close a week from today.

Have I mentioned how much I HATE taking medicine and giving medicine to the kids? I don't know what else to do at this point and I'm so frustrated and sick of being sick. And the hives? What the heck? My mom thinks it's stress from everyone being sick and the moving, etc. I haven't done anything new in regards to the hives being an allergic reaction. Nothing I can think of anyhow.

Sorry this is complete complaining but I'm very, very frustrated. My cough, virus, bronchitis crapola is getting much better and I think I'll be good by the weekend. Isaiah will be feeling better soon with the addition of the asthma meds. I just really DO NOT want to take this stuff for hives and I have no idea why I have them. I'm trying to stay calm and relax but am frustrated. I'm extremely thankful Anna is not coughing and is not sick, nor is Matthew. If you get a chance would you please say a prayer for Isaiah and myself? These last two weeks have been rather draining and we really have to be getting ready to move. Thank you blog friends.

ps Erin I feel your pain on the itchiness although I promise your itchiness is for a completely different reason. :)

Friday, October 19, 2007


All this talk about Myers Briggs made me curious. Matthew and I went to the conference FCC had about 7.5 years ago. I was pregnant with Isaiah and we were newly married. I remember it being really interesting but couldn't remember what we were/are.

I'm an ISTP and Matthew is an ENTJ.

My "S" score was 25 with only a 1 on the "N" side. Just give me the facts people. A phrase that described an ISTP was, "If they want help, they'll ask for it." I have said that since I was little. I get completely stressed out if people offer to help with stuff. Matthew wanted to have my mom come over and help out with laundry after my second C-section and I started to cry. Most people probably would have been thankful. I got stressed. You should have seen the emotion when Matthew's mom offered to cook food, gasp, are you nuts? I cried for days over that incident. It all makes much more sense why I responded that way now.

An occupation they describe for an ENTJ was a business owner. Guess what Matthew is? He runs his own sign business. Also, in reference to answering the question, "Is the glass half full or half empty?" ENTJs say, "Hey, this isn't a water glass it's a beer glass!" Thought that was funny.

An ISTP's answer to the glass question is, "Who cares it's just water." Yep, that's me. I would definitely say, "Who gives a rip?"

If you know what you are let me know. I forgot how fun this was.


Well, we bought ourselves a house. We will close October 30th and move that weekend. The house is in Alden Township/Osceola school district and is north of Star Prairie, which is north of New Richmond. It'll take Matthew about 30 minutes to get back to Hudson to work. For now I think we'll still attend FCC on Sundays'll be too far at night, on country roads, in the winter to come back for AWANA. Huge bummer but, I'm sure we'll find something local that we like. I'll miss my Sparks soooo stinkin' much. I had to call Kim G. on Wednesday and tell her that next Wednesday will be my last night.

We weren't planning on moving until next summer, after the school year, but it just sort of happened. I'll explain the house saga but first a little look into the housing history of Matthew and Katie Rolli. If I hadn't been there I wouldn't have believed it.

About nine years ago we rented an OLD farmhouse in Baldwin. To save money on the $600/mo. rent (I know) my dear cousin Courtney rented with us. We barely squeaked out the $400/mo. This house was originally a one room log cabin built in the 1860s. Now before you get the wrong idea it was NOT how one pictures a quaint one room log cabin. It had obviously been added on to many a time, typical of farmhouses. The only remnants of the quaintness was if you peeked into the attic, yikes, you saw the original exterior of the home. That was where the quaintness ended. This house had quirks, not quaintness.

For instance, if Matthew stood in the kitchen, originally part of the porch, near the fridge and I stood in the doorway of the kitchen I was taller. Matthew is 6'2" and I'm 5'3". Do the math and you'll see the floor sloped a good 11".

The pump for the house was located above ground and many times during the winter we would have to boil the water from the toilet tank to pour onto the pump, in an attempt to unfreeze the pump. If it didn't work the first time we then would have to boil snow. Later we realized that it we left the kitchen sink drip on super cold nights it kept the pump running and freezing happened less.

Heating the house itself was always challenging. There was a huge oil heater in the center room, the dining room. It measured approximately 4'x2.5'. The way to ignite the heater was a process. We kept matches and newspaper by the heater. We had to first open the oil valve to start the oil flow and then wait 15minutes. When we felt there was enough oil to ignite we opened a little door on the bottom of the heater where the oil ring was located. We rolled a piece of newspaper into a tight stick and lit the end with a match. With the lighted newspaper we stuck the flame onto the oil ring and hoped it would ignite. Sometimes it did and sometimes it didn't. If it didn't start up right away we had to wait longer for more oil to seep in. It took a long time to get the heating process going. Initially the heater had a fan to blow the hot air around the house but the cord was old and frayed. It was fabric. So we constantly had an oscillating floor fan going to blow the heat around.

We also converted an old milk house into a chicken coop and had a little flock of chickens. Even the chickens would run away to the neighbor's house. No kidding. They would run across Hwy. N, risking their lives and go live with the folks across the street. The neighbors would come over and let us know. They could tell which were our chickens because ours layed larger brown eggs then their own chickens. We told them it was fine if they stayed. The Rolli chickens apparently enjoyed it over their better.

There's more but I'll save it for another blog. We moved to an apartment in Hudson when Isaiah was 6 months old. We loved living on Third Street. Lots of fun neighborhoods to walk through and we would walk downtown and window shop frequently.

About 3.5 years ago we moved to our current house on Hwy. 12. We like it here and we've made it work. We were not looking to buy a house when we moved here but we needed a place for the business and the house came with the garage. We've always wanted some land so the kids could have a similar animal experience as Matthew did growing up on a farm. We couldn't make that happen in Hudson so....we're off to Osceola.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Something New

Anna just walked up to me gave me a hug and said, "You a nice human." I had to repeat her and ask if that is what she said. She confirmed. I thanked her. I don't believe anyone has ever said that to me before?

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Pros and Propers

During a conversation with Anna I thought I'd ask some questions, just to see how she would answer. I asked Anna what her brother's name is and she didn't have an answer. Then I asked her what her boy's name is and she said, "Ee-ah" (Isaiah). She doesn't think of him as her brother but as "her boy".

I was surprised when I asked what her Papa's name is and she said, "Matthew". I thought that was pretty good for a two-year-old. I figured if she knew Matthew's name she must know my name, right? I asked what is your Mama's name and she looked at me like I was goofy and said, "Mama". Silly me. I can't figure out why she has caught on to Matthew's name and not mine? I just thought it was interesting.

ps I have a cold and I feel like junk, so this is all I've got.
pps We have found another house, our offer's been accepted, more on that later...

Thursday, October 11, 2007


Note to self: When you notice Anna putting raisins in the front pocket of her overalls don't forget to empty said pocket before doing laundry.

When we found out Isaiah was to be a boy everyone said things regarding his pockets. They mentioned how you have to watch what boys keep in their pockets and how you need to be sure to empty their pockets before you accidentally send a frog, or other such thing, through your wash machine. Isaiah never, ever hid stuff in his pockets. Anna, on the other hand, has THE cleanest collection of rocks, sand, sticks and now raisins.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Our 8th Wedding Anniversary

Eight years ago today Matthew and I were married at Faith Community Church by Pastor Larry. It was a gorgeous, sunny fall day and I think around 72 degrees. We've been through quite some adventures good, bad and in-between. There's not one other person in this world in which I want to continue our adventures together. I love you Matthew and thank you for all my surprises today.

I am not the type of wife that really gets hung up on cards and flowers. It is not my thing. I don't know why? Just how I am I suppose. Matthew and I usually go out to eat for dinner the Saturday before or after our anniversary depending on which day the 9th of October falls. Right now we are in midst of a very disappointing house/land hunting expedition. (Blog fodder for another day) Matthew is also in the midst of revamping and growing the company. Not an easy task by any means. He's good at what he does and I have complete confidence he'll be successful in all the changes he wants to implement. Anyhow, we're busy add that to the fact that "romantic" stuff just isn't something I long for. Boring, I know. Matthew and I agreed to fore go the gift/card yada yada and get something for the house, if we ever find one. Sounds good to me I said. Well, little did know.....

Matthew called this morning from work and asked if I wanted to go out to lunch today at around 11. I said sure but reminded him that I'd have Anna in tow and lets do something more like McDonald's versus linen tablecloths and napkins. We compromised and agreed to meet at pier 500 downtown. Ya just can't beat that coconut shrimp salad, plus the friendly accommodations to children. Anna and I pulled in and saw Matthew waiting in the truck. It was about quarter to 11 and they don't open til 11 so, we walked around the block. While we walked he said, "Just take my lead today." Huh? What does that mean? He wouldn't elaborate so I knew something was cookin' and it wasn't the shrimp.

We then went in the restaurant and they put us at a booth with a bunch of little red tealights all around the booth. Ours was the ONLY booth in the place to have little red tealights. Hhmm... Also there was a little gift bag and card already on the table. That sneaky Matthew got there early and set up the gift. He also called the owner of pier 500, Andy, and asked about any special stuff they could do for the occasion. Cool, huh? I think that's how the candles got there. Matthew was pretty adamant about getting Anna her lunch ordered ASAP. I didn't think too much of that because we usually order for the kids right away because eating children tend to make much less noise in restaurants compared to the hungry and waiting for lunch type of children. Matthew and I ordered our food and right after we got our bread the hostess walked over and said that these flowers were just delivered to the restaurant for me! Can you believe it? They are very beautiful. (I also am not big on the whole roses thing and would prefer fall-colored unusual flowers instead, weird, I know)

Anna was behaving very nicely and Matthew and I were enjoying our lunch when who should appear? It was none other than Neil, one of the guys that works at the shop. Neil just happens to be one of Anna's VERY FAVORITE PEOPLE. She adores this guy, seriously. Matthew had arranged for Neil to come down at just the right time to take Anna for a little walk by the water to see the ducks. I can't even begin to explain Anna's excitement. Not to mention Matthew and I had a good 15 minutes to talk all by ourselves. Thank you Neil soooo much!!!!

As Neil was bringing Anna back from their walk a ginormous piece of chocolate cake with ice cream showed up at the table. The waitress said it was "On the House". At this point I nearly started crying with gratitude. I held it together so as not to embarrass Matthew and Neil, or myself for that matter. Keep in mind I'm and introvert and all of this attention was a bit crazy for me.
I so enjoyed our hour together, Matthew. Thank you for taking the time I would not have taken. You are my best friend and I love you the most. Happy Anniversary and just remember I called it.

Sunday, October 7, 2007


Isaiah is doing fine. He was extremely sad on Wednesday morning, not wanting to go to school, etc. Matthew and I sent him along regardless. I knew the busyness would make him forget as he's a little boy and that's how his brain works. When he got home off the bus I asked him how he did and if he made it okay. Isaiah said he was sad coming home on the bus. I thought that was pretty good. It was crazy hair night at AWANA and that raised his spirits. How could you not enjoy having red and blue spiked hair?

Thursday he did fine getting ready for school and was excited to be taking Auntie Sally out for dinner that evening. Matthew was out of town (until this afternoon, Sunday) and gave Isaiah some money to take us all out to eat. Thank you Matthew! Isaiah got home from school in a fine mood, freshened himself up, grabbed his wallet and off we went. I wanted to pick Sally up at her home because that would be the first time Isaiah had visited without Freddy being there. He, Isaiah, seemed a little quiet but the excitement helped. We took Auntie Sally to Applebee's and guess what???? The table we sat under had a Tiffany-style lamp with cats going all around the shade! Isn't that cool? We were there because of Fred and God gave us a special little way to remember. We looked all around the restaurant and that was the only cat light in the whole place, that we saw.

Yesterday we were at my parent's house and Isaiah happily placed some more rocks around Fred's spot. He has adjusted quite well and I think we have successfully accomplished this challenge of life. I'm thankful for Isaiah's ability to ask when he wonders and accept the hard parts of life when they happen. I'm proud of my little guy, he did great. Thank you for all your kind thoughts and words. I know we were merely dealing with an animal but Fred was pretty important to Isaiah.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007


I picked Isaiah up from school a half hour early yesterday. He needed the extra time to say good-bye to Fred before the vet. clinic appointment. Isaiah didn't know why I was picking him up early as the decision to put Fred down was made after Isaiah was in school for the day. I told him we had to go to Auntie Sally's to say good-bye to Fred. He took in the information and became a little teary in the car. I asked him a couple times if he had any questions and he said he did not. We got to my sister's and noticed Fred did not look or act like himself. He also noticeably had a fever. Isaiah and Fred cuddled for awhile. Isaiah cried, a lot, and said what he needed to to Fred. Isaiah also had the emotional strength to munch an after school snack/meal of cereal, PB sandwich and pudding. (sorry for the grocery depletion Sally) I thought this a good sign as life does need to continue and at least Isaiah's tummy was heading in the right direction.

We packed up Fred and left for the vet. They have a very nice room in which the procedure takes place. The Dr. explained the process and would start the procedure when my sister gave the okay. I repeated the information to Isaiah and made sure his questions were answered. Isaiah wanted to hold Fred during the procedure and I said Sally would need to do that in case his muscles twitched. I didn't want that to upset Isaiah if that were to happen. After Fred was gone Isaiah was able to hold him and when Isaiah and Sally were ready the Dr. took Fred out of the room. I had a cat, Fred's litter mate, who was put down 6years ago. We buried that kitty in my parent's backyard. Fred was placed in a box, along with a picture and a little craft project Isaiah made for Fred, and brought back to my parent's home. We thanked God for the time and memories we had with Fred and that was that.

Isaiah, and Sally, were very brave and courageous to do such a selfless act. Isaiah was still pretty sad about Fred this morning and he cried some more. I told him it's okay to cry and that even though we won't get to cuddle Freddy any longer we will always have our happy thoughts. He went to school with a note for his teacher explaining the situation in case it comes up at school. Matthew and I thought routine would be the best for Isaiah. Isaiah would have been happy to stay home today.

Tomorrow we're taking my sister out to eat for supper. We'll pick her up first. That will be the first time going over to her home without Fred. I thought the sooner the better for that experience. I think it'll be pretty tough for my tenderhearted boy. We are proud of the way Isaiah handled himself. He cried when he needed to and he laughed when he needed to. All very good things.


We're officially open. Matthew was unable to get a banner made before he went out of town so...I'll just let the bloggers know. The kids have decided the large pumpkins will be $6 and the little guys will be $3. There's an old juice container on the table with the pumpkins for making deposits. You're invited to come whenever you'd like. If you would just like some pumpkins without going to a pumpkin patch this is the place for you!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

If Only...

A while back I posted on my sister's kitty, Fred, and how his time may be coming to an end. (I'd do a cool little link thing if I was as blog saavy as the rest of you) Fred, the cat has been on certain medicine and food and it's been helping. Today my sister called and mentioned how she'll need to call the vet. today as it doesn't look good. I've been bringing up the subject often with Isaiah so as to prepare him for the inevitable. He's been handling the situation very well. Isaiah even made a little craft for Fred to look at and love while he's still here and then the craft will be placed in Fred's box when he makes the trek back to Grammy and Gramps' house for his final resting place. :) I prepared Isaiah yet again and said we may have to go over to Auntie Sally's house after school and give Fred some hugs. (That's code for putting Fred down) He took in the information and then had a brilliant idea. Hey, maybe Fred just needs some adjustments! Wouldn't Dr.Z be proud? If only it were that simple.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Marketing, Power Suits and Pumpkins

The kiddos are being trained in the fine art of being self-employed. This is the second year in which Opa kindly grows some pumpkins on his farm for Isaiah and Anna and we set up a little self-serve pumpkin stand in our driveway to sell the pumpkins. We did this about three years ago and are selling them again this year. Isaiah enjoys it and Anna has been happily hugging and kissing all the "baby" pumpkins.

Matthew makes a little banner for the yard indicating pumpkins for sale, Isaiah and Anna set up a little display of pumpkins, they cut a percentage to Opa (Opa doesn't approve of this part but we make him take it anyway), and then Isaiah and Anna split the profits.

This year Isaiah is all about the marketing. He was up at 5:30 this morning ready to set up the display we were able to hold him off til 6:30. Isaiah also had sharing today at school and when asked what he was going to bring he calmly told me he had it all planned out in his head. What's planned out? Oh, I planned out what I'm going to say. Yes, but what are you bringing? He said he wasn't bringing anything, just words. He was pitching his pumpkin campaign to the first graders this morning. He wanted everyone in his class to know he was open for business. I for one am glad jersey day was on Friday as today I sent him to school in his power suit.