Thursday, October 11, 2007


Note to self: When you notice Anna putting raisins in the front pocket of her overalls don't forget to empty said pocket before doing laundry.

When we found out Isaiah was to be a boy everyone said things regarding his pockets. They mentioned how you have to watch what boys keep in their pockets and how you need to be sure to empty their pockets before you accidentally send a frog, or other such thing, through your wash machine. Isaiah never, ever hid stuff in his pockets. Anna, on the other hand, has THE cleanest collection of rocks, sand, sticks and now raisins.


kristi noser said...

Hope those buggers didn't make too much of a mess. I never had to check Eli's pockets either--until he turned 10. Keep watching...

Kim N. said...

From Megan's pockets I get...
1. Dog treats
2. Horse treats
3. Money

No one else uses their pockets.

erin said...

My mom has a huge collection of buttons and bobby pins above her washing machine.
We haven't lived in the house with them in over five years.

kelli said...

Pens, pencils, guitar picks, money.

I, too, have the large collection of items in a heart-shaped holder by my dryer. But, my children still live here...oughtta be a whopper by the time they leave.

Then again, most of those things come from my HUSBAND!