Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Our 8th Wedding Anniversary

Eight years ago today Matthew and I were married at Faith Community Church by Pastor Larry. It was a gorgeous, sunny fall day and I think around 72 degrees. We've been through quite some adventures good, bad and in-between. There's not one other person in this world in which I want to continue our adventures together. I love you Matthew and thank you for all my surprises today.

I am not the type of wife that really gets hung up on cards and flowers. It is not my thing. I don't know why? Just how I am I suppose. Matthew and I usually go out to eat for dinner the Saturday before or after our anniversary depending on which day the 9th of October falls. Right now we are in midst of a very disappointing house/land hunting expedition. (Blog fodder for another day) Matthew is also in the midst of revamping and growing the company. Not an easy task by any means. He's good at what he does and I have complete confidence he'll be successful in all the changes he wants to implement. Anyhow, we're busy add that to the fact that "romantic" stuff just isn't something I long for. Boring, I know. Matthew and I agreed to fore go the gift/card yada yada and get something for the house, if we ever find one. Sounds good to me I said. Well, little did know.....

Matthew called this morning from work and asked if I wanted to go out to lunch today at around 11. I said sure but reminded him that I'd have Anna in tow and lets do something more like McDonald's versus linen tablecloths and napkins. We compromised and agreed to meet at pier 500 downtown. Ya just can't beat that coconut shrimp salad, plus the friendly accommodations to children. Anna and I pulled in and saw Matthew waiting in the truck. It was about quarter to 11 and they don't open til 11 so, we walked around the block. While we walked he said, "Just take my lead today." Huh? What does that mean? He wouldn't elaborate so I knew something was cookin' and it wasn't the shrimp.

We then went in the restaurant and they put us at a booth with a bunch of little red tealights all around the booth. Ours was the ONLY booth in the place to have little red tealights. Hhmm... Also there was a little gift bag and card already on the table. That sneaky Matthew got there early and set up the gift. He also called the owner of pier 500, Andy, and asked about any special stuff they could do for the occasion. Cool, huh? I think that's how the candles got there. Matthew was pretty adamant about getting Anna her lunch ordered ASAP. I didn't think too much of that because we usually order for the kids right away because eating children tend to make much less noise in restaurants compared to the hungry and waiting for lunch type of children. Matthew and I ordered our food and right after we got our bread the hostess walked over and said that these flowers were just delivered to the restaurant for me! Can you believe it? They are very beautiful. (I also am not big on the whole roses thing and would prefer fall-colored unusual flowers instead, weird, I know)

Anna was behaving very nicely and Matthew and I were enjoying our lunch when who should appear? It was none other than Neil, one of the guys that works at the shop. Neil just happens to be one of Anna's VERY FAVORITE PEOPLE. She adores this guy, seriously. Matthew had arranged for Neil to come down at just the right time to take Anna for a little walk by the water to see the ducks. I can't even begin to explain Anna's excitement. Not to mention Matthew and I had a good 15 minutes to talk all by ourselves. Thank you Neil soooo much!!!!

As Neil was bringing Anna back from their walk a ginormous piece of chocolate cake with ice cream showed up at the table. The waitress said it was "On the House". At this point I nearly started crying with gratitude. I held it together so as not to embarrass Matthew and Neil, or myself for that matter. Keep in mind I'm and introvert and all of this attention was a bit crazy for me.
I so enjoyed our hour together, Matthew. Thank you for taking the time I would not have taken. You are my best friend and I love you the most. Happy Anniversary and just remember I called it.


kristi noser said...

Congratulations to you both! Poppers and I love Pier 500, that "big as a house" cake is really something, huh?
Honestly, I know I'm being selfish here, but I hope you never find a house any more than 10 or so miles away from here. Yeah, you stay heah!

Carla said...

Happy 8th Anniversary!! Sweet plans from the man!!

erin said...

Happy Anniversary!
What a man, you've got! What a great memory.

Coffeegirl said...

Wow...that is so special. Way to go, Matthew! I'm so impressed.