Sunday, October 7, 2007


Isaiah is doing fine. He was extremely sad on Wednesday morning, not wanting to go to school, etc. Matthew and I sent him along regardless. I knew the busyness would make him forget as he's a little boy and that's how his brain works. When he got home off the bus I asked him how he did and if he made it okay. Isaiah said he was sad coming home on the bus. I thought that was pretty good. It was crazy hair night at AWANA and that raised his spirits. How could you not enjoy having red and blue spiked hair?

Thursday he did fine getting ready for school and was excited to be taking Auntie Sally out for dinner that evening. Matthew was out of town (until this afternoon, Sunday) and gave Isaiah some money to take us all out to eat. Thank you Matthew! Isaiah got home from school in a fine mood, freshened himself up, grabbed his wallet and off we went. I wanted to pick Sally up at her home because that would be the first time Isaiah had visited without Freddy being there. He, Isaiah, seemed a little quiet but the excitement helped. We took Auntie Sally to Applebee's and guess what???? The table we sat under had a Tiffany-style lamp with cats going all around the shade! Isn't that cool? We were there because of Fred and God gave us a special little way to remember. We looked all around the restaurant and that was the only cat light in the whole place, that we saw.

Yesterday we were at my parent's house and Isaiah happily placed some more rocks around Fred's spot. He has adjusted quite well and I think we have successfully accomplished this challenge of life. I'm thankful for Isaiah's ability to ask when he wonders and accept the hard parts of life when they happen. I'm proud of my little guy, he did great. Thank you for all your kind thoughts and words. I know we were merely dealing with an animal but Fred was pretty important to Isaiah.

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Pain is pain, is it not?