Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Update and Sign Off........for now

Here's the deal. Isaiah, Anna and myself have all been diagnosed with an atypical bacterial bronchial infection. Huh? Isaiah was told he has bronchitis, Anna pneumonia and myself pleurisy. Whatever. We all have the same deal and are on our second round of stronger antibiotics. Isaiah and I are both on albuterol as needed as well, for asthma, a result of this lung thing.

These stupid hives are just stress related and I know I'll be feeling good once we're in our new home.

Today is Isaiah's last day at school. I'll be picking him up and we'll go to my mom and dad's house for supper. I volunteered my mom for that job, thank you mom. As soon as the kids have swallowed their last bite we'll put on their costumes and go through the motions of trick-or-treating at my parent's house. After they have received their treats we will happily hop in the car and go HOME. Yippee! Tonight's our first night at our new house.

Yesterday we closed on the house and it was accidentally an allllll day deal that should have been done by lunch time. The mortgage guy was on vacation last week and something did not get done while he was gone so, yesterday they were scrambling and we had to wait a long time for paperwork to get to all the right people.

I will be without internet for about a week, til next Tuesday, so I won't get to read your blogs until Wednesday. sigh.....

I'll be baack.

So long, farewell, auf weidersehn, adieu


Carla said...

Praying for you as well dear Katie!! Wow! Congratulations on the new house! Deep, cleansing breath. Our first night in our house was on Halloweenie too! cool

Coffeegirl said...

Katie....ditto that...I'll be praying for you and all the transitions..and health. How miserable to have all of this plus moving. I think you are amazing. Just so you know.

erin said...

I hope you feel better and can take a breather soon! Enjoy trick or treating!
We'll miss you!

Katie R. said...

Thank you blog friends. lol Erin...breather. Ha! The albuterol will help with that :) The internet "people" will be at our house Tues. so I'll only be in blog withdrawls for a few days.

Kelli said...

You might wanna make them some muffins or something so they'll hook you up quicker!

Certainly going to miss your bright and shining face on Wednesday nights.

Enjoy unpacking and making this new house your home. Hope you guys feel better soon, too.

Love ya, man!

Kelli said...

Are you online yet? Sheesh.

kristi noser said...

Wednesday now. You promised.