Wednesday, November 7, 2007

I'm Home


We made it, mostly. We are home and living in our new house. We all love it and feel at home here. There are a few loose ends to wrap up at the house in Hudson but, for the most part, we are here. The majority of the boxes are unpacked and I will need to decide where all of the decorations go. Major commitment decision. Do I really want to pound a nail in the wall here? Or here? Pressure I tell ya.

You all may have these things at your homes, they are called closets and garages. Wow, are they ever nice to have. If you don't have closets or garages at your homes I highly recommend them as you can put all the extra stuff you do not need on a daily basis into them. Really. The extra stuff does not, I repeat DOES NOT, have to sit on the limited kitchen counter space. I love this idea. Love it I say!! Very cool.

Isaiah happily went to his new school on Monday. He does not have my gift of shyness and so does wonderfully meeting new people. He loves the gym teacher. Isaiah likes his classroom teacher as well. I was mostly worried about his classroom teacher adjustment as he really was sad to leave Mrs. O at his Hudson school. I think he'll do just fine. We really like the district and I am happy about their curriculum.

Across the road from us is a wonderful family that brought over frozen chili and banana bread the first night we moved in. Along with the food they gave us a card that stated their email, phone number and the names of their family members. How welcoming. They have twin girls that are exactly 6mos. older than Anna. The three girls will be in the same grade. How fun. Next door to us is a family that has two boys one in 7th grade and one a year older than Isaiah. They ride the bus together every morning. I'm thinking summers will be very fun for Hunter and Isaiah.

We are here, home, and it feels nice. We've never felt as though we were done moving before. We do now. It's a nice feeling.

I've caught up on everyone's blog, didn't comment, but I did catch up. Missed you guys. Glad to be back.


Carla said...

Awesome, Katie and family! I am so glad that the transition has been smooth and you feel at home! Also what lovely neighbors you have! I personally don't like frozen chili, but that's just me.

Coffeegirl said...

Wow...sounds like a very warm welcome. Happy about the garage and closets....I'm all about storage! Hope you are settling just fine. How is the health of the family after all of that?

kristi noser said...

Welcome home Katie.