Wednesday, November 7, 2007

My Boy is Seven Today

Today is my boy's golden birthday! Can you believe it?

We aren't really having a big hoopla party with his friends, as we have the past few years. A result of the move. His Hudson friends are a bit far away and he doesn't have a list of friends in Osceola yet as this is his third day of school.

So.... here's what we are doing. He opened a couple packages this morning that arrived in the mail over the weekend. He picked his favorite meal, porcupine meatballs. (Not made with real porcupine mind you) Over all the desserts I can make he picked a boring cake mix, however, he fancied up the frosting choice. Red frosting in the middle, blue on top and chocolate on the sides. His multi-colored layer cake is relaxing in the fridge at this moment. No real idea on the reason for the frosting choices but a boy turns 7 only once so ... whatever.

After supper and the rainbow cake he'll open the gifts from Matthew, Anna and myself. Anna is giving him the Jungle Book movie. The gift Matthew and I are giving required me to revisit the promises I made to God on Isaiah's dedication day. It's a BB gun along with all the safety gear and ammo. Matthew's been waiting for this day since the ultrasound technician first announced we were expecting a boy. I have been holding my breath for this moment and now that it's here I am hoping the snow flies early and BB gun activities will be quickly exchanged for sledding activities. This mom gig is hard work.

That would be the whole shebang. My parents and sister are coming over Saturday for buffalo burgers and to continue the celebration of Isaiah's 7-ness.

I was initially going to recount Isaiah's birthday but, in light of Erin's pregnancy I shall refrain. Not that Isaiah's birth was horrible, I'm just going to refrain at the present time.

ps Are you noticing a food theme here? Porcupine meatballs and buffalo burgers. The buffalo is actual bison however.


sacketjaweedah said...

Happy Birthday!! I feel your pain with the BB gun. I do not come from a hunting family but Husband does. I have fought off the BB gun issue so far because youngest son really (really!) is not in good control of his reaction to things yet. That and a friend was hit in the forehead by a BB that ricocheted (sp?) off a target. Now youngest son has been saving his allowance to buy his own. Almost makes me want to up the work load so he won't get paid!

Loved reading about the new house. Some pics maybe?

Coffeegirl said...

Welcome back and Happy Birthday, Isaiah! Our son received his BB gun when he was 8, and the novelty wore off pretty quickly. I was a nervous wreck, too. As long as his dad is around...maybe a gun safety class?

Carla said...

Happy Golden Birthday, Isaiah!!

kristi noser said...

I was going to ask if at least the burgers were made out of porcupine, but I guess not, huh?
Happy Birthday Isaiah! Go shoot somethin' willya?

Oh and if you do take the hunter safety class--remember, not in Somerset...yeah.