Thursday, November 8, 2007

BB Gun Rules and Hunting

This is just an FYI regarding the deal with the BB gun Isaiah received, and LOVED, last night.

The gun only comes out of the locked gun cabinet when Papa is taking it out. Isaiah is never allowed to even look at the gun unless Papa is right there with him. He must always wear the protective goggles I personally picked out.

We will be shooting at paper targets only, for awhile. My rule: No shooting people or pets. Clever, huh? That rule applies to all guns, pretend or real. No fun...I know.

He will take hunter's safety, though not yet. I know Matthew will instill all the right rules and precautions on his own. Also, I'm afraid if Isaiah takes hunter's safety now Mr.TooBigForHisBritches, Isaiah, will think he's all set for the real deal. I don't think so.

I did not grow up in a hunting family. My dad went deer hunting, read drank beer and played cards, with his buddies when he was younger. I was two the last time my dad went hunting. As a result when I witnessed the phenomenon that is hunting in Matthew's family I was a bit taken aback. This family eats, sleeps, dreams all things hunting. Deer hunting is a national holiday in the Rolli family.

Being the anti-girly-girl I was faced with the decision of staying in the house with the girls or joining the boys in the woods. Hmmmm? I figured if you can't beat 'em join 'em. I went out with Matthew one year just to see what it was like. They drive deer in that part of the state as opposed to sitting in deer stands. Hard work. I liked it though so I thought I better get myself into a hunter's safety class. The adult class I took was just for a weekend so it didn't get drawn out like Kristi's experience. I also told myself that I had to ace the class or I wouldn't be qualified to hunt. Harsh, huh? I did ace my class so I allowed myself to the next season.

Driving deer is a group effort. The drivers walk a determined area and they all have to stay in a line or the deer will scoot through the drivers. The drivers are not right next to each other and sometimes you can't even see the drivers that are next to you so it is a tricky skill to master.

The sitters sit at designated areas in hopes that the drivers will push a deer or two their direction. I mostly was a sitter as my legs weren't long enough to keep up. This is good and bad. Good because driving is hard work. Bad because you could be sitting for a good two hours and when it's cold and you have to "go" it can be a loooonng wait.

Anyhow, I did get a really nice doe my first year. I got initiated too. When you get your first deer and you gut it Opa Rolli smears your face with the blood. A little blood if it's a doe, a lot of blood if it's a buck. Sounds gross but it's pretty cool.

I was only able to hunt for two seasons as my baby boy was born and as a result, I've been a mom for the last seven years so hunting hasn't really worked out. I know I'll go out again and will love every minute of it. Eventually. Anna will most likely enjoy hunting, too. How do I know? When we watch the Outdoor Channel she gets mad at the hunters on TV and says, "I no want dem to shoot dat bear, I want to shoot heem." So, I'm just guessing here but she might be wearing Isaiah's hand-me-down blaze.

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