Monday, October 1, 2007

Marketing, Power Suits and Pumpkins

The kiddos are being trained in the fine art of being self-employed. This is the second year in which Opa kindly grows some pumpkins on his farm for Isaiah and Anna and we set up a little self-serve pumpkin stand in our driveway to sell the pumpkins. We did this about three years ago and are selling them again this year. Isaiah enjoys it and Anna has been happily hugging and kissing all the "baby" pumpkins.

Matthew makes a little banner for the yard indicating pumpkins for sale, Isaiah and Anna set up a little display of pumpkins, they cut a percentage to Opa (Opa doesn't approve of this part but we make him take it anyway), and then Isaiah and Anna split the profits.

This year Isaiah is all about the marketing. He was up at 5:30 this morning ready to set up the display we were able to hold him off til 6:30. Isaiah also had sharing today at school and when asked what he was going to bring he calmly told me he had it all planned out in his head. What's planned out? Oh, I planned out what I'm going to say. Yes, but what are you bringing? He said he wasn't bringing anything, just words. He was pitching his pumpkin campaign to the first graders this morning. He wanted everyone in his class to know he was open for business. I for one am glad jersey day was on Friday as today I sent him to school in his power suit.


kristi noser said...

I want some pumpkins! One of my fave things is carving pumpkins for hallo...I mean in the fall.

Katie R. said...

We'll set ya up, come on over.

sacketjaweedah said...

How cool that that sharing is not just about material things you can carry in a brown bag?!

We carve pumpkins in honor of fall fesitvals everywhere. What are your hours?

My word verification is ncrpc. Kinda of looks like something I'd tell a sassy child.

kelli said...

My favorites are the "baby" pumpkins. When the kids were little, we would get size-appropriate pumpkins for them...Shannon's was always my fave...tiny little things!

Give me those itty bitty ones over those big whoppers any day.

Katie R. said...

Our table is self-serve, you may come whenever. We have medium sized pumpkins and baby sized pumpkins and a few big ones. The colors are your typical orange and we also have a few white pumpkins as well.