Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Enough Already!

Isaiah started coughing about two weeks ago. Nothing came of his cough so I thought it was maybe allergies. 1.5 weeks ago I got very achy and started to cough as well, hmmm? Isaiah was not achy and nothing hurt nonetheless last Wednesday I picked him up from school so we could have our coughs listened to.

Isaiah had bronchitis and I was on the verge. GRRREEAAT! Yet another amoxicillan party for the Rolli family. (Last year Isaiah was so sick with strep, bronchitis and pneumonia that Matthew wanted me to take out stock in whomever makes the stuff. We have all been going to a chiropractor for quite sometime and so far, no strep. We never get regular colds just lung stuff.) Anyhow, after nearly a week on medicine with no improvement we went back to the clinic yesterday. We needed to get our coughs rechecked and I have broken out in a wonderful case of hives. Isaiah's wheezing actually increased and after an x-ray pneumonia was ruled out, I mentioned asthma and we now are doing nebulizer treatments as needed for Isaiah. His cough has improved since yesterday. I have medicine for hives that I started today and I still feel so crummy I can't pack up the house, we close a week from today.

Have I mentioned how much I HATE taking medicine and giving medicine to the kids? I don't know what else to do at this point and I'm so frustrated and sick of being sick. And the hives? What the heck? My mom thinks it's stress from everyone being sick and the moving, etc. I haven't done anything new in regards to the hives being an allergic reaction. Nothing I can think of anyhow.

Sorry this is complete complaining but I'm very, very frustrated. My cough, virus, bronchitis crapola is getting much better and I think I'll be good by the weekend. Isaiah will be feeling better soon with the addition of the asthma meds. I just really DO NOT want to take this stuff for hives and I have no idea why I have them. I'm trying to stay calm and relax but am frustrated. I'm extremely thankful Anna is not coughing and is not sick, nor is Matthew. If you get a chance would you please say a prayer for Isaiah and myself? These last two weeks have been rather draining and we really have to be getting ready to move. Thank you blog friends.

ps Erin I feel your pain on the itchiness although I promise your itchiness is for a completely different reason. :)


kristi noser said...

Did I mention I love to pack kitchens? Just so you know. I'm open on Sunday afternoon. Just so you know, you know?

Katie R. said...

Thank you! You are so sweet. Matthew will be home all weekend and we'll get it all done. I just hate thinking about everything that has to get done. I am NOT patient and the anticipation kills me.

erin said...

Hang in there!
I'm praying for all of you. Moving is really hard work. Try to relax--it'll all be over before you know it!

erin said...

How are you feeling today?

Katie R. said...

Thank you for asking. I'm still coughing, I think it's getting better? The hives are what are really driving me nuts. I keep asking for strength to be patient and that they will go away. I'm taking benadryl but it makes me so sleepy and that makes it hard to take care of Anna and get other stuff done. Please pray they go away. Thank you.

LadyD said...

You guys need some "Thieves" Oil. See if you can get it from your chiropractor & the pamphlet. Put 3 drops in a small bowl of Castor Oil in your sons room, it will clear his lungs. Also put three dots of the oil on his PJ's shirt- not directly on his skin. Put one drop by each collar bone and one in the center of his chest. He will breathe the aroma all night. It will purify your air of any bacteria or mold spores, and is highly effective in fighting bacterial infections. You can probably read about it online. It saved many people from the black plague. It's highly concentrated so you only need a few drops- so don't let the price freak you out. I think ours runs about $34.00 for a 15ml bottle. You can even put 1-2 drops directly on your tongue, and your sons- if he can handle a bad taste for a second. Sounds like too many antibiotics- Do you replenish your good bacteria at the end of your antibiotic use? If not that might be your reaccurance issue, Get some bifidus powder from your Chiro. It will make you all stronger to fight of all this junk- Hope you get better- Sorry I wrote a book-L.

Carla said...

I totally broke out in hives with every job hunt Pat was on. I had to RELAX. and take baking soda baths.
Praying for the pack up!
Laura-I liked your book! You are a wealth of info. I love the natural stuff.