Monday, March 2, 2009

Kids Say...

Last night Isaiah took his turn reading to Anna and me. He read Puff the Magic Dragon. As he read the words he sang the tune as well. Here's his rendition:

Puff, the Magic Dragon, lived by the sea and froliped in the autumn mist in a land called Hona Lea.

(something tells me he may have been trying to remember the song rather than reading the actual words, it's just a guess)

Anna, during the month of January, discussed the creation story extensively at school. Some parts must really be sinking in as this morning she asked a very clever question.

She said, "Mama, did God make you by using Play-Doh?"
I figure, same idea.
FYI: I did try to explain a bit on how God makes people nowadays. Pretty much it was just the first time around in which clay was used.

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LadyD said...

:) Cute~

I would much rather be at your stage of the game, explaining how God made people with clay. Last night a commercial said the word sex. Mik turned to me and said, I don't need to know what that is yet, do I Mom?