Monday, September 21, 2009

Looong Overdue #2 - First Day 2009

Yes, the first day has come and gone. However, I now can post photos of the wondrous first day of Third grade and PreK. I also have some shots of my kiddoes going to their Open Houses the day before the first day.

We went to Anna's Open House first. The PreK program is at the elementary school. She is very excited to be in Isaiah's old school

Then it was on to Isaiah's school to meet all of his new teachers. Third graders don't always appreciate "beginning of the year" photos. Not that I have experience with this phenomenon, it's sort of a guess.

The real first day! Isaiah had his hood up because the skeeters were bothersome that morning. Anna's wearing the sweater my Grandma knit for me when I was a little girl. Pretty neat.

My two little friends. One last hug before the bus arrived. Anna still cries and gets sad when Isaiah's bus pulls up. I don't mean only on the first day. I mean! She hates that he's leaving her for an entire day. You'd think she'd sort of get used to this but, alas, she does not.


Jessica said...

So precious, Katie! They've grown up so much just since I've been reading your blog. I can't believe that!

And is that your driveway? That's to DIE for! I would have so many pictures of that. I love it.

Katie R. said...

Yep that's the driveway. My mom pretends it's a Georgia plantation driveway when she looks down the lane. You'd fit right in, get here quick though, it'll be cold soon. :)

Jessica said...

I miss you, Katie! I hope you're all doing well! Blessings for your Christmas!