Thursday, May 28, 2009

FB App.

Dear Facebook,

I have a new idea for an application users can utilize while enjoying your wonderful product.

Let's just say a mom puts some chicken breasts in the oven, for chicken salad and goes to her Facebook page to upload photos of her little girl's preschool graduation. Let's continue that train of thought and say she forgot to start the kitchen timer. Well, if that mom is having tremendous trouble with seasonal allergies and her sense of smell is shot she will not be able to smell the chicken breasts being fully cooked and ready to take out of the oven. I propose an application in which one can time certain things whether it be their use of Facebook or let's say the amount of time one has had chicken breasts baking in the oven. Maybe a random beep of the users choosing could sound every so often and remind the user that there IS life outside of Facebook. Much like a reminder string tied around one's wrist.

Now I have no real experience with this type of forgetfulness so I'm not sure on the effectiveness of this application, it's just a thought.

Someone that will not be eating chicken salad tomorrow

PS Facebook is not in blogger's spellcheck dictionary, just something else you'd like to be made aware.


kristi noser said...

Dear Katie,
You're right, FB should have a food-timer application. Think of how easy our FB lives would be then.
Sorry about the chicken.

Jessica said...

You crack me up.