Saturday, November 17, 2007

Rubber Teeth

As Isaiah and I were discussing the impending loss of his first top tooth he wondered about the size of the adult tooth that will replace the baby tooth. I told him it would be larger than the baby tooth.

He thinks that's great as he then could pretend to be a rabbit (picture a boy forcing a buck-tooth look) or even that ice age thing. A saber-toothed tiger? Nope. An Arctic Hare? Nope, you know that big thing with loooonngg teeth in the front. Oh, you mean a walrus? Yeah, a walrus. I could pretend to be a walrus. I suppose you could pretend that. (They won't be THAT much bigger, but the boy was left to imagine)

Isaiah then told me that walrus' were made of rubber to keep warm. Wow! The things I learn from my first grader, it's amazing.


kristi noser said...

I wonder where he got that one. That's funny.
We should all have rubber teeth--no cavities--but then chewing might be a challenge, huh?

Katie R. said...

Walrus, whales, polar bears and other arctic animals have lots of fat/blubber to keep warm. Blubber, rubber, tomato, toemahto whatever.