Sunday, November 11, 2007

FCC New Richmond and Friends

Well today we tried out Faith Community in New Richmond. We wanted to give it a try as New Richmond is 11 minutes from our home versus Hudson's time of 30 minutes. Matthew drives to Hudson everyday since that's where our shop is located so.... driving back every Sunday may be a bit much. Don't worry Hudson FCC-ers we will come back occasionally. So no scolding, okay?

We figured we would like it since it is our daughter church. Matthew did all the sign work for the new building so he knows Pastor Mike personally which is nice. It was cool! We bought our new home from Keith and Patty Thomas and they attend the N.R. church so we were able to see them and meet some of their family members. Very welcoming but, being the introvert I am, a tad overwhelming. As soon as we chit-chatted a sufficient amount I scooted out to get my kiddos. Matthew wanted to then stay, grab a coffee, mingle, introduce me to Pastor Mike, ya know... extrovert stuff. I declined and said meeting Keith's brother and sister-in-law was good enough for one weekend. Thanks for the offer.

It was kind of like going home to your aunt's house. It's not home but it's still nice. Who knows maybe someday it will feel like home? Again... no scolding we WILL come back occasionally. Anna seemed to be fine going to her nursery area and Isaiah will enjoy his group, too. I think the move is hard for Isaiah because he's known the kids his age in Hudson all his life, or at least the majority of his life. Coming to school in Osceola and meeting new kids at Faith in N.R. is such a different experience for him. No matter what he's done he has always known at least one other child from somewhere along his little journey. Now, he knows not one person. I can tell it's wearing on him. He doesn't understand new friendships will take time.

The neighbor boy next door is playing football with Isaiah right now in our front yard. Isaiah's been looking forward to that all weekend! Our neighbor is a second grader and rides Isaiah's bus so Isaiah feels a connection. I actually let Isaiah run next door and ask if Hunter could come over and play in the front yard. On Isaiah's way home to tell me the update I never saw him run so fast in my life! Hunter could in fact come over and Isaiah was so excited he nearly flew home to tell me. This too is a new experience. We have never had neighbors in which to invite over to just play outside. I grew up with that and those memories are some of my favorites. I am excited for Isaiah in that respect and I'm sure having Hunter next door will be very helpful for Isaiah.

Enjoy your Sunday afternoon and are the quilters home yet???????


Kelli said...

That makes things so much easier when the kids make connections in the neighborhood. It took Shannon years, but now she's got several to choose from. The boys? Not so much. We had it made with Collin when C.Zimm lived down the block.

No scolding from this corner. Just hoping to see you at Walmart now and again. :)

Katie R. said...

That WAS cool to see you. Everytime I time I tell Matthew about you or Kristi he says, "I like them, they're funny". I say, "Yah, me too."

LadyD said...

We've just been watching the game- Jerry went to it- he started driving at 5am. I miss him-
I am so glad your finding some friends, I must be emotional- I almost cried reading your blog- I am so happy for your son! -L.

Katie R. said...

Major typos on my comment. sorry.

L, thank you. Matthew and I were pretty happy for him today, too. He really needed to make a connection. Hunter kept saying Isaiah was his best friend. :) Maybe they both needed each other?