Friday, November 30, 2007

Way to Go Papa Rolli

Matthew acquired this guy Friday after Thanksgiving near his parents home farm in Gratiot, WI. He'll be getting this guy mounted, nice accomplishment. This buck was a fighter as well. On the deer's left antler there was a hole due to an early buck fight, a tine may have been broken off. Also, there was a big infected area near his nose due to fighting. What's more Matthew noticed a long scar on the buck's neck from another buck's antler. This guy was a mean 'ol bully methinks. Although no deer is safe on Rolli hunting ground, fighter or no. If it's brown it's down. (not really, I'm just saying) Nice shootin' Matthew I'm sure he'll be tasty.


kristi noser said...

Nice buck Matthew--Eli shot one this year and the thing fell, got up, fell again, got up again and disappeared--bummer.
On a side note, know what I find hilarious? Blaze orange camo.
The ultimate oxymoronic invention.

erin said...

Know what I find hilarious?
The fact that it looks like the deer has had some sort of...backfire, yet is clearly looking at the camera.

kristi noser said...


Katie R. said...

Kristi, the deer don't see in color. Hopefully the hunters do. The blaze is for the other humans and the camo is to help break-up a person's outline from the deer. I thought is was silly too at first until Matthew schooled me a few years ago.

Katie R. said...

I think the deer is just saying, "Erin, save me from these savages". hee-hee