Sunday, September 28, 2008


Well, it's happened Henrietta has provided the first of many eggs. Amazing. The photo shows Hen's "Easter Egg" egg compared to a standard grocery store large egg. Typically chickens start out laying eggs that are a bit smaller than their eventual sized-egg. I do not know how our chicken's eggs will size up compared to a grocery store egg, only time will tell.

Also, the eggs our particular chickens lay are blue-green in color. The eggs are referred to as Easter Eggs. The shade will range from a pale blue-green to a deeper shade. I would consider the egg in the photo on the pale side.

Now, an update on our flock. It's been a rough go of it. You may remember earlier this spring Matthew and Anna brought home six little hens. Custard, being one of them. Well, after the five remaining hens were large enough to be outside, it was still rather chilly out at this point, we had them in a rabbit hutch of sorts. Perfect for the amount of chickens we had and their size at the time. Unfortunately there were a couple feral cats that depleted our flock. How did we know they were feral? Because tame, outside cats would not have gone to the trouble of actually pulling the young birds out of the hutch. Too much work when you aren't all that hungry. So, after we were thoroughly upset at the Rolli household Matthew trapped and dispatched the two cats. This happened on an individual basis. The 2nd cat was caught about a week after the first. The only remaining chicken that survived was, Henrietta the Brave.

A few weeks later we just bit the bullet and purchased a whole flock of 0ne-day old "Easter Egg" chickens. Hens and roosters. We got those little peepers going and once they were large enough to hold their own with Henrietta we had 21 chickens in a wonderful run and coop put together by Matthew and the kids.

Being that Henrietta is the oldest by at least 4-6 weeks we knew she'd start laying first. Sure enough, doing chores last night, I looked again in all the little spots that are good for laying an egg and voila, an egg. Can I just say there was a lot of hootin' and hollerin' going on last night. We are very excited. Tonight we're going to hard-boil the egg and split it so we each can have a little bite of our first egg.


erin said...

I hope it doesn't have feathers in it...

Carla said...

Yay, Ingalls family!!! :)
You guys are too cute and I am loving the country life that I get to live vicariously through you!

Birdie said...

Those are the prettiest chicks I've ever seen. Sissy's ooohing & awwing and wants me to tell you that she just wants to pick one up and cuddle it *s* Thanks for the MAJOR comment luv on my blog too!

LauraLynn said...

How Exciting!
You even got me excited!
You have such a wondeful family & a great life :)
Love hearing about it~

Amanda said...

Yeah! I'm jealous! I lvoe farm fresh eggs and that beautiful color!

Glad to see your happy and healthy!

Many blessings-