Wednesday, September 10, 2008


On Sunday the kids and I walked in our town's parade. We were walking with our 4H club, handing out 4H information and candy. It was great fun. My folks and sister came up to watch the parade and assist with the transportation problem of starting the parade at one end of town with our vehicle and ending the parade at the complete opposite end of town without our vehicle. Mom and I finally figured out a plan that did not require us to walk all the way back to the beginning of the parade. Matthew is still out of town so it's nice to have their help in matters such as these. Also, it's always fun to be able to look for people you know while walking in the parade. Very fun. Here are some shots of the day.

Here we are walking up to Mom, Dad and Sally during the parade. Notice our lovely 4H shirts.

Apparently one of the parade units ahead of us was handing out flowers. This is what my dad decided to do with the flower. Nice.

After Isaiah and I finished our route we headed back to Mom, Dad, Sally and Anna and finished watching the parade.

I love this. I was taking the picture and Isaiah was watching this set of antique cars driving by, the cars were zig-zagging in the street back and forth. Well, I guess it appeared as though one of the cars was going to bump into me. I love how Isaiah is half worried and half laughing at the same time. Anna's sort of thinking , "Yikes".

This is just plain classic. Here we have Sally, Isaiah and Dad showing us their "eating very chewy candy" faces. Anna is very intent on the next parade unit. That's my mom. You can hardly even see the evidence of Bell's Palsy. Thanks again for all the prayers.

All in all it was a very fun day.


Kelli said...

Looks like you guys had a great time. I love it when family comes in to share and help out. Amery Fall Festival this weekend...see you there??

Katie R. said...

:( No, I made plans to keep us busy all weekend, Matthew's still hunting, before I found out about Amery....sniff,sniff.

Hey, go to the Deronda bakery Sat. morning if you're up here that early. Breads, pastries..yum.

Jessica said...

I love all of the new pictures! Looks like y'all are having great fun.

And um....good luck with those chickens. The blog email cracked me up. =)

Birdie said...

awww how sweet. I love a small town. Our little area here has it's parade this month too. Big D hates it. He wont conform *L* They just clog up the road and inconvenience him he thinks; poor guy...

Carla said...

Parades are so awesome!! I sometimes just want start walking in one with a bag of candy.

Birdie said...

I left you something at the Maple!

Amanda said...

OK Dude. Seriosuly. Spet. 10th??? Its been to long!!

Hope your mom is doing well!!

Prayers for you and yours!