Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Generation Gap

One of Isaiah's spelling words this week is "stop". Isaiah was pretending to give Anna a spelling test and the way he was saying "stop" reminded me of a Mr. MC Hammer. After he repeated this word a few times this is how the conversation went:

I: (said to Anna) STOP
M: ....hammer time
I: (said while gaving me a very, very blank stare) Huh?
M: Oh, nevermind.

Now, I fully believe that had Matthew been done taking a shower at the time and heard the conversation he'd have laughed. Oh well.


Carla said...

What? You didn't get out your hammer pants and teach him the dance?? Can't Touch This.

Birdie said...

*L* Aww what a waste! Like George Castanza's tip.

LauraLynn said...

Made me laugh :)

erin said...