Saturday, June 21, 2008


The entryway is mostly finished. I still have to clean up the woodwork and the floors and touch up some white paint on the ceiling. The walls, however, are done.

I ended up fixing the walls as best I could with spackle and sanding the rough spots. I primed the walls as it was bare drywall and one needs to do such a thing. The paint store tinted the primer for me so Matthew and I looked at the walls with a very close match to the color of primer to decide if we wanted to add the grit to the paint.

We opted for the grit so the walls are rather rough in some spots but it does mask the damage that was done to the drywall and the messed up wall that the previous owners ruined while putting in an electrical socket.

I think I'll finally be able to sleep tonight now that the majority of the work is finished regarding the walls themselves. As I said I do need to clean up the woodwork and touch up the walls. I did this project by myself and I'm nowhere near as good at cutting-in as my mom. I'll have some fixing to do but I'm done for today.

I'm excited to get some more decorations for the entryway. I went to a craft sale a few weeks ago and was able to find this shelf with hooks and the welcome sign. The shelf and sign are those Americana red and blue colors. I've never used that color scheme before and am excited to go hunting for some accessories.


LauraLynn said...

It looks so cute Katie! I should check with my friend Shannon, she had a whole room done in Americana and she was changing that theme- she might have lots of goodies for you- I could maybe persuade her :)
If you like~
Although shopping is fun- Free is also pretty cool!

kristi noser said...

I think it looks amazin'.

Katie R. said...

Thanks a bunch ladies. Kristi, you and Anna have the same vocabulary, amazin'. Laura, if it works great, thank you, if not then I don't mind hunting for stuff either. I actually detest shopping but, for some reason, I'm sort of excited to look for decorations at the moment? So it's fine whatever works. Thank you. :)

Jessica said...

WOW! It looks so good! I'm very impressed. I know you're breathing easier now that the end is in sight. It's been a doozy of a project, huh?

Kris H said...

Wow! It looks great, Katie!

LauraLynn said...

Forget Shannon, GO TO MICHEALS Craft Store! I was just there today and they have a whole new section of "Americana" decorations! And they are very affordable! I almost brought you a truck load~
Too bad we are working off of that cash system now. Dang.