Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A maze in'

Anna's new favorite word seems to be amazin'.

Mama look at this, it's amazin'.
Wow, EE-ah that's amazin'.
Papa, watch my trick it's amazin'.

Everything is amazin' these days.

For lunch today we had some BLTs. Our tomato plants are no where near producing fruit so Matthew purchased safe tomatoes at the store. Anna may have thought the sliced tomatoes on the counter were from our garden, however. I had some leftover bacon from making baked beans and I picked some lettuce from the garden.

Anna saw me washing the lettuce and knew I picked it from outside. She asked what I was doing and I told her I was washing lettuce and frying some bacon for our sandwiches. She looked at me, looked at the tomato slices, looked at the lettuce and looked at the bacon in the pan.

With wide eyes and unbelief in her voice she said, "You mean we planted bacon in the garden too?!?"


Jessica said...

Mmm.......BLTs........... track mind. =)

LauraLynn said...

Way to go farm mamma getting that pig butchered before noon :)
You've got some skills!

She's so cute~

kristi noser said...

Oh if only...

Kara Jo said...

Oh honey. :) Yeah, that pig grew up mighty quickly in the soil there.