Tuesday, June 24, 2008

For Laura

Thank you Laura for thinking of me. How nice are you? I went to the Tractor Supply Company today and used the gift cards I received for Mother's Day. (I requested the gift cards, my sister thinks I'm nuts to have asked for gift cards to the Tractor Supply Company but, I'm a farm girl now)

I not only got some shorts and T-shirts that were on sale but snagged up some of their summer decorations that were on sale as well. Although these were in their seasonal decoration end cap I figured they'd look cute on my new shelf. I put Matthew's cowboy hat on one of the hooks and voila, entryway finished.

Thanks again for thinking of me Laura but, this was actually pretty simple. Yee-haw!


LauraLynn said...

Yee- Haw!
Way to go Katie! It looks great~
Sorry I couldn't contain myself. I just hear the word "decorate" and my blood pressure skyrockets, I get shivers, and my legs start shaking...... Might be time to get that Degree :)
You did great! I love shopping there too- We have one up by Baldwin. Fun. Fun.

Katie R. said...

Laura you crack me up!

Yes, in your "spare" time go get a degree would ya?!? Come on already. :)

Amanda said...

Very nice. I do like that color!

You are getting lots and lots accomplished, and I am a little jealous of your organizational skills! ;)

COme visit me sometime...I feel like I haven't seen you in my journal forever! lol

God bless-