Saturday, June 14, 2008

At Last

In a desperate attempt to encourage Isaiah to learn to ride a two-wheeler without training wheels I promised Isaiah we'd get him a brand new bike when he learned the skill.

Up until now he's had hand-me downs. Not that that's bad but, as I said, it was a desperate attempt.

I actually made this promise TWO SUMMERS AGO! When Isaiah was five I really started the encouraging talks regarding the fun that one has on a two-wheeler. My dad and I desperately tried to encourage the boy.

Isaiah was just too timid and didn't feel comfortable. I thought last year was his year and we again encouraged him to do this fun thing. No such luck.

This year, I had had enough. I really wanted to go on a family bike ride and I didn't think the trails here would be very kind to a bike with training wheels. Also, Isaiah is the type of kiddo that, when not wanting to do something, will never attempt a scary thing. He needed to just bite the bullet and go. I had to actually push the boy to do this.

I shall spare all of the gory details. I will say, however, that at one point in the training session Isaiah accused me of trying to kill him. .....sigh. It was not pretty. He finally got it. He now never gets off his bike and as promised finally received a brand new 20'' bike.


Carla said...


Kara Jo said...

Awesome--that's an accomplishment!

Kris H said...

Yay Isaiah!
And yay Mom!

LauraLynn said...

Dylan turned 6 in May and I just took his training wheels off too! He was so hesitant, and now he is a cruisin machine. It only took one day of practice- Yay for our boys! Isn't it great to see how much fun they are having now~