Sunday, June 15, 2008


Paper is down. I know you are all waiting on the edge of your seats. You must be if Amanda is dreaming about this goofy project, right?

From sun-up til sun-down on Saturday Matthew and I worked on steaming the paper. This was pretty frustrating and as more and more of the drywall paper tore off with the wallpaper itself I became more concerned.

I've sanded the bottom half of the walls and judging by texture I think all will be well.

We'll stop at Home Depot today and get some primer that will hopefully fill in some of the spots where the drywall died. With the Spackle, primer and textured paint I'm very optimistic that my walls are not irreparable.

All other "painting" projects, I'm sure, will be exponentially more fun then this job has been. I'll post the prettier pictures as I progress.


Kara Jo said...

Oh my goodness. That's one thing I've never had to deal with--stripping wallpaper. I've heard it can be just horrible.

Yes, I hope you do exponentially enjoy all future painting projects more than this!

Carla said...

We did have 3 layers of wallpaper over paneling. I steamed as well but did not lose the dry wall. :( I am sure the textured paint will be awesome!

Amanda said...

This is good news. I am relieved and will no longer toss and turn and lose sleep over the stress and frustration you must be feeling.
OK. Maybe I will a little. ;)
Glad to see Isaiah is learning the big boy bike... I'm lucky I have two boys. If one is afraid to do something, the other does it then they *have* to do it.
God bless-

Kris H said...

Wow. Way to persevere!

I think that textured paint is a great idea for hiding the imperfections in the wall. It looks like you are doing a great job!

LauraLynn said...

Just think how awesome your arms are going to look! No gym membership needed:)