Saturday, June 14, 2008


Matthew rented a steamer yesterday. We have for one day only. The steamer is working to take of the first layer. The adhesive half of the paper is still on the drywall. I know that Dif, a product used to remove wallpaper, is taking off the adhesive layer.

Due to the fact that the paper was hung without using a primer on the wall the drywall is still coming off in places. I will deal with that obstacle once the paper is gone.

I'm thankful that Matthew got the steamer as the paper is coming down faster. I don't know if this makes sense but, it isn't coming down any easier. I had visions of the paper coming off in sheets, backing and all. It's not. We still are only taking little pieces of at a time but they are coming off faster due to the steam. Faster but not easier. Whatever.

The paper will be off this weekend and then I can figure out what to regarding the damaged parts of the wall.

I'm hoping the spackle I have helps for the majority of the problem area. Also, I'm considering using textured paint to hid the imperfections that will be on the wall. I've had a few suggestions of textured wallpaper that is meant to be painted. I am NOT wanting to go the wallpaper route ever, ever again.

Do any you have any thoughts on the textured paint? Love to hear if you've had any experience with that type of thing. Do you like how it turned out. Did it hide any imperfections on your walls?

Thanks for being interested in the entryway fiasco.

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Amanda said...

I had a dream about you last night. I was at your house and I was doing the wallpaper for you. It was...well.. really weird. I *really* don't want to do your wallpaper for you! (sorry)
We have textured paint in our dining room..Dutch Boy deep green..its either the sandpaper one or the granite one... they have a few different options. We love it.
Good luck!