Thursday, May 1, 2008

White Pigeon Update

Our friend the pigeon, or "Pidge" as Isaiah lovingly refers to him, is still hanging around. I looked online for more information and the only thing I come up with is that white pigeons are domesticated racing pigeons. I don't really know for sure how the whole racing of birds thing works, but apparently it does.

Pidge does not seem to be injured. Pidge eats when he wants and sometimes sits on the ground and sometimes flies up to the roof of the house. Also, when we're outside Pidge likes to zoom and I mean zoom around the house, down to the wetlands around behind the house in the pines and roosts back up on the roof of the house. Really neat to see the guy go. It's like watching an avian version of Nascar. Less noise, but still fun to see the speed.

He's been here since Monday and now being Thursday you'd think he'd be all rested up but we've seen him around this morning too. I don't believe he's made friend with the Rock Pigeons that roost in the barn but I could be wrong.

It's fun to have him I sort of hope he stays. When we are out in the afternoon it's like playing "Where's Waldo?". You never know exactly where he is but if you look hard enough you'll spot him. He's all white after all.

Matthew's afraid a hawk will pluck him up, due to the ease of spotting Pidge. I hope not but I can't do too much about that so I'll just enjoy looking for him. This may be dumb but we are able to stand very close to him and I sort of pretend he'll be all tame so..... I've been known to hold out my arm and lay my hand out flat to see if he'll perch on my hand. It hasn't happened as of yet. I did tame a wild, man-eating chipmunk once when I was little. I got him to eat Triscuits from my hand. There may be hope, especially if Pidge is somebody's racing bird.

That's the scoop. We've been adopted by a white racing pigeon and we named him Pidge.


Jessica said...

Aw! I love it! I was hoping he'd still be around. That's such a cool story. I hope Isaiah and Anna won't be too heartbroken if Pidge decides his vacation is over.

Carla said...

You be careful, Mama. I don't want my friends getting pecked on!! :) I miss you!

-V- said...

Yay! I love that story... :-)

Amanda said...

Avian nascar and man-eating are too funny!!

God bless-