Monday, April 28, 2008


Well it's one adventure after another here at the "farm". While quietly folding laundry and minding my own business I noticed a white pigeon sitting in a very odd way out by our bird feeder and cracked corn.

We have pigeons in the barn but they're the regular ol' run o' the mill blue and gray versions. We do not have white ones, anywhere.

Also, the bird was sitting in an odd way. Appeared extremely worn out, sick or hurt - something. I thought I'd go out and investigate. I walked all the way up to the bird. Right next to the bird. All he did was pigeon walk away. Didn't fly. I managed to rustle him up enough to fly only as far as the garage roof eventually.

I felt better knowing he could fly and that his wing wasn't broken or anything of that nature. Still odd that he just moved out of my reach and not actually away. I thought he'd mosey along but an hour later I found him back in the same spot I saw him originally. I tapped the window and moved around but the pigeon was quite "content" to just stay put.

I did some investigating online and called a bird release company that is relatively near by. I was thinking that maybe this was a lost pigeon that somebody may be looking for. Maybe there was a fancy-schmancy wedding this weekend in which they released a lot of white pigeons and this guy is lost? Ya never know.

The kind man I spoke to said they stopped doing that a couple years ago. I asked him some questions anyhow and he said it was most likely a pigeon (I'd originally thought a dove due to it's color) because pigeons are much larger in size. We also will think, for now, that this is a racing pigeon that has gotten off course and is resting and regaining his bearings, or directions.

Basically, I'll keep my eyes on the guy for a couple days and then do some more calling around. He certainly stopped at the bird Hilton of bird feeders though. He maybe is a racing pigeon...frequent travelers always know where to spend the night. Matthew's got every kind of birdseed known to man, and bird, out there so the pigeon can rest and eat his fill of whatever he wants. I do NOT leave out chocolate mints on the pillow though so if he's expecting that he can just keep flapping.

God has not gifted me with the ability to actually speak to animals so I shall just keep guessing and making sure he's warm and full. Sure would be neat to ask him what he's up to...


sackettjaweedah said...

Remember the tv show "Touched by an Angel?" They always had white doves flying at either the beginning or end? Maybe God's saying hello? We had a white dove sitting on our roof the day we flew over in a hot air balloon to celebrate our marriage. Cool.

Birdie said...

you can race a pigeon?

Katie R. said...

char- that is SO cool that you saw the dove on your house even. It doesn't have the same effect when it's a pigeon and you aren't sure if it's on the verge of death or if you should be calling the DNR, ya know?

Birdie, one can race pigeons. I'm not sure of all the ins and outs of such a thing but basically they are realeased and they are trained, or instinctively, fly back home. Somehow this is recorded and a winner is declared. I'm not sure what this guy's deal is? I can't get a good enough look at his legs to see if there is a band. This would be similar to a dog's tags for ID purposes.

He's still here and it's nearly 4:30 so we'll see?

Jessica said...

Wow. I'm anxious to hear how long he sticks around.

My mom found a baby mourning dove in her driveway a couple of years ago, and she still has her. She tried to let her go awhile back but she came back. She doesn't know how to live on her own, so she terrorizes all of us. She's very territorial - more like a mockingbird, really. It's kind of cute.........until she dive bombs your head. At that point "cute" isn't what you're thinking.

LauraLynn said...

She looks like me when I am 9 months pregnant.
Do you think she is looking for somewhere to lay her eggs?
Maybe they do it in mud or dirt nests? And that is why she is on the ground?
Just wondering......