Friday, May 2, 2008

I Kid You Not

This morning as Matthew was getting ready for work he mentioned something he thought I should keep in mind. He said there's a supper club on a nearby lake that, he's heard, has a good Fish Fry. He may like to try that out tonight.

As he was then getting ready to leave for work he said he may bring back four young chickens and a small coop instead. I looked a bit perplexed so he elaborated on his thoughts. He clarified and said, "We are either going out for a fish fry or we're setting up for chickens." Okay, I'm with ya now. I totally understand what you're saying. Very good. Have a great day.


Anonymous said...

If my negotiations are good, there will be NO fish fry. That's right ladies & gentlemen: Craigs List SCORES!!!

I'm gonna be a chicken farmer today :)


Katie R. said...

I married a chicken farmer.

Jessica said...

I love it. I tell Scott he skips chapters in our conversations too often and too quickly, which makes me have the same perplexed look you speak of.

Good luck with the chickens. =)

Birdie said...

I thought about chickens and guinea hens too, then I figured out how much work they were and how noisy they were and that was all it took. Good luck. Head over to the Maple m'dear. I have something for you.

Kara Jo said...