Friday, May 2, 2008


Our dear fellow blogger Birdie over at the Maple had a contest of sorts going all week. It was a bit of a scavenger hunt, if you will.

Birdie let the contest run all week and kept track of our comments and numbered them. A random number picker, I'm sure there was a more technical name for that, picked my comment number. I won these amazingly cute flip-flops that Birdie decorated herself! These are hand-beaded and hand-trimmed people. Really!

Not only will I receive this awesome prize but along with the flip-flops come a matching pair of earrings that Birdie also made herself. The talent here is astounding. The attention to detail is rivaled by no other.

If you think this is amazing check out her blog as she has a very accessible link to her website that features her handmade book jewelry. Book Baubs Online Store.

Thank you Birdie very much. I will wear these proudly and will think of you whenever I wear them. They WILL stay on my feet, I promise.


Birdie said...

Katie, Katie, flattery will get you everywhere. No kidding, that's the nicest bunch of compliments; you're a saint amongst saints. Thanks so much for this sweet post. You're a dear and I'm glad you won, especially after finding out you've never won a thing. God must have wanted you to have these. I'm tickled to be sending them to you. Blessings!

Carla said...

Congratulations Katie! You are summer ready, babe!

Kara Jo said...

How fun!

Amanda said...

Congrats! TOOOOOOOO cute! I have a feeling you totally deserved a great gift!