Saturday, May 3, 2008

Backyard Wildlife

Matthew and the kiddos like to set out corn for the deer. They didn't show up at all last winter but about a month ago they started to come daily to the backyard corn piles. It's fun. Sometimes we can tell which group of deer they are. There were two mamas that would bring their fawns from last spring. We could tell which set they were. One set always came first and then the next mama would come in with her two babies.

We think the mamas have scooted last years babies "out of the nest" to maybe prepare for this year's fawns? These two deer are last year's fawns from one of the little family groups we were seeing. The doe isn't with them so we think they are just on their own and haven't separated yet.

Hoping they stick around and it becomes a family tradition to eat our corn. As long as they stick to the corn in the backyard and don't eat the corn that will be growing in the garden.


Cara said...

Great deer-cam!

Birdie said...

awww! I hope they stay away from your corn too.
p.s. your flip flops & earrings are all wrapped & ready to go. Hopefully, unless something holds me up at Wal-mart tomorrow, I'll be dropping them off at the post office.
your Mother's day thing threw me yesterday. I panicked and thought that today was Mother's Day which would have been bad on so many levels! *L* That's a pretty little graphic though.

LauraLynn said...

My computer is putsy and slow so I can't see your movie- But deer watching is such a wonderful perk of living in the country, isn't it!
We have corn fields on both sides of our house and we saw 10 deer out there last week eating lunch at 12noon. And I thought they only came out to eat in the evening!?

-V- said...

I love seeing deer. They shouldn't still be hungry though; they ate my baby Sunburst Locust tree down to a nub over the winter...

Jessica said...

Is Pidge still there?