Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Wait is Over

As someone who loves to read and really enjoys books I have been waiting for the moment that happened this morning.

I have been reading to Isaiah from the time he was less than a month old. We are always reading books. I read to Anna all the time as well. We read daily on multiple occasions.

Besides instilling a love for our Jesus, instilling a love of reading is right up there on my list. I was so excited when Isaiah really was able to read a simple book all by himself. It was really thrilling for me.

This morning one of the other major reading milestones I had been waiting for happened. Isaiah voluntarily climbed into Anna's bed with her this morning and cuddled her up with some baby dolls and stuffed animals and ..... A BOOK. As I was washing the dishes left behind by a husband, who shall remain nameless, I heard happy little voices from Anna's room. Isaiah was reading a Diego book to Anna. I had to get a photo of the happy event. Both kiddos are still all snuggly in their pj's and Isaiah is reading the actual words to his little sister and all of this was voluntary.

I did not tell Isaiah to help occupy Anna while I did some little jobs I had to do. He just wanted to spend some time with Anna reading. For some reason this just is amazing to me. Enjoying a good book is such a fun treat and I want Isaiah and Anna to have that treat. I think it's starting to become a reality. Yeah for them.


Jessica said...

That is SO PRECIOUS. I have similar memories of my own childhood - my little sister says I taught her to read using the book "Grover Goes To School." I don't know that I actually taught her so much as read it so many times we both had it memorized, but those are definitely some fond memories. Your little ones will have sweet memories of those times together, too.

Amanda said...

Now this is a moment worth waiting for! What a joy! Can't you just see Jesus snuggled up in bed right there with them, listening intently to every word? I bet He thought today was a good day to reward mom with a moment that she could hold on to forever.

Blessings to you... you are now (back) in the running for mommy of the year!

Lol, I am not sure why you were ever out of the running. I just thought it sounded funny.

God bless-

Kara Jo said...

Love it. Thanks for sharing. :)

Cara said...

Your kiddos are adorable! :)