Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Totally Dude

Thank you, Birdie! These are so much fun. Birdie has granted me with an award that I really appreciate. I have been rated "excellent".

In the spirit of blogging fun I will send off the award to other bloggers that I think are excellent as well.

First Laura, she is so very excellent because despite all the medical garbage she is going through right now Laura still makes me laugh, plans a fun anniversary celebration with her husband AND still can get miffed over other folks messing up her laundry protocol. Love that.

Also Amanda, she is experiencing a very difficult time in her pregnancy, caring for and loving a husband and two small boys and is STILL on fire for our Lord. I think she is doing an Excellent job with life right now!

I admit I adjusted the "blog" award a little and awarded the award to bloggers who are facing challenges and still living excellently. I'm proud to say you are my friends. God bless you both!

ps Amanda, right click the award icon and save it in your MY PICTURES section of your computer and then post it on the sidebar of your blog like you have your other photos. Do that with the first award too. Hope that helps.


Amanda said...

LOL YOU make me laugh!!! I try to do the right clicking thing, but when I go to see how everything posted, all I see is a square with a red X in it. :(

I cannot think of a more deserving person for the Excellent award!! You are an inspiration my dear!

I do thank you, with all my heart, for your continued support and love. Your compassion and caring and faith are PRICELESS!!!!

(Hence, Excellent awards.) ;)


LauraLynn said...

Thanks Katie!
I rarely consider myself to be "excellent"..... But I am glad you think so!

Thanks for thinking of me.
I think you are Excellent~