Thursday, May 15, 2008


Well, I knew it was bound to happen. Nobody thought it would be Custard, however.

We've had our first loss here at the farm. Our favorite little chick, the yellowest one, Custard just didn't make it. She was always just a tiny bit smaller than the rest of the chicks and she really went downhill the last couple of days. The other chicks all have developed nice wing feathers and Custard sort of stopped growing. She just wasn't catching up.

Yesterday afternoon I spent the whole time trying to force some food into her and even made her special treats and was able to get some sugar water into her but, it just didn't help. Matthew let her go yesterday evening and Isaiah helped to bury her.

We are always really honest with the kids about death so they know the real deal. It hurts a little more in the beginning but they both bounce back pretty quick. Anna isn't really that affected by it at this point. Isaiah, on the other hand, was really, really sad and angry last night. I talked him through until bedtime and he seemed much better this morning. I'm sure he'll have little spurts of sadness here and there but, unfortunately, Custard won't be the last loss for the farm.

She was our favorite chick so I've lots of neat photos of her.

Our other favorite chick, Hawk, appears to be somewhat of a leader to the little flock we have so this gives me hope that she'll make it. The other four never really got named so we might do that to lift the spirits if need be as well.

We are surprised she made it as long as she did since, as I mentioned, Custard was always a little behind the others.

I told Isaiah chicks don't usually get to live in a people house so that was a treat for her. He was bummed she never got to live in the coop. Also, Isaiah would like me to put a photo of Custard in the coop for the other chicks to look at, just in case. I may just hold off on that one a bit until they actually are living in the coop.

In regards to a general update on the five remaining chicks they have been moved out of my entryway and into a heated box in the barn/shop/garage building we have outside. Imagine that, chickens living outside. Anyway, they still have a heat lamp on them but have made the next big step in their little chicken lives. So far, so good.


Amanda said...

I'm sorry! You handled it FAR better than I.


Katie R. said...

Matthew and I cried on the inside. If we were to have been very visibly upset it would have made it harder on Isaiah. That's just the type of boy he is.

Matthew wouldn't even talk about it when I asked him about the sad event.

Jessica said...

Aw......I'm sorry. It's not easy, I know. Hugs to your family!

kristi noser said...

It's always sadder when you name them isn't it? I am sorry, losing a pet is hard.

Carla said...

So sorry. :(