Friday, May 16, 2008

I Broke Down

We have not had real Kool-Aid in our household in years. Years! If we drink something other than water, milk, juice or coffee it's typically been Crystal Light. I believe when Isaiah was about 2 years old I purchased sugar-free Kool-Aid as a treat.

Today, at the store, I actually purchased two big containers of Kool-Aid. The kind with the measuring cup top.

What in the world was I waiting for? I just had a big ol' glass of grape Kool-Aid and all I can say is, "Oh yeah!". Yum, really. Who knew?


Amanda said...

Man, have I been having lots of those moments lately. Maybe just one pakcage of donuts, or just one 124 ounce bag of candy. Or just 21 glasses of full sugar kool aid. Its not fattening if I'm drinking it right???

You make me smile!

Birdie said...

Ha! I'd buy the tub of it and tell the kids, "No, you can't make it, it's got too much sugar".
Kool-Aid is SO good. It would be my downfall if I ever gave in. Strawberry is my favorite.

LauraLynn said...

I have been too sick to go grocery shopping the last 3 weeks, we are completely out of everything....We normaly drink tea/Raspberry Tea and Lemon Tea, but now we have had to bring out the tin of little kool-aid packets that I had in the cabinet. So far in the last week we have had Yellow Lemonade, Pink Lemonade, Cherry-My favorite, and now we are onto the Purple Grape! Yummo, just giving the kids a little sugary pick me up! These warm days can wear a kid out....
:) And a Mom.

Kara Jo said...

Kinda takes ya back to childhood, eh? And newlywed days for us...we've come a long way--nowadays we drink mostly water and sometimes milk, don't buy pop, etc. But when Wade and I were first married, we drank Kool-Aid all the time because it was cheap and tasted good. I cringe to think about it now...but once in a while we just gotta enjoy those little pleasures, don't we. :) Have you ever made Kool-aid popsicles?