Wednesday, May 21, 2008


My littlest dolly has found a new hobby, drinking coffee. She loves the stuff. Anna has been known to sneak sips of my full-on, dark as can be, black coffee and judging by facial expression alone thoroughly enjoys the taste.

There is no way I am going to allow my nearly three-year old to have a cup of joe in the morning so to avoid the always close by two-tantrum, I trick her. I'm not very proud of that fact but I had to make her ease up on the high octane sips. Not to mention the mid-morning help yourself to your own coffee cup and brew attempts she's been known to make.

When she finishes her breakfast in the morning Anna typically asks for coffee. I've made her believe she's drinking coffee by giving her a coffee mug and putting less than an ounce of coffee in her cup. I then make a big to-do over the hot temperature of the coffee and we agree she needs some milk to cool off the coffee. She then gets a regular amount of milk.

I have to just hope I'm not stunting her growth by giving her the new "must have" item. Maybe the calcium will counteract the coffee effects.


Kara Jo said...

That's sweet. :)

LauraLynn said...

I am 34 and can not even drink one sip of coffee without spitting it out!
Weird. Wonder if it is hereditary?

Amanda said...

Wow. That is crazy!! Lol! I highly doubt that an ounce a day could stunt her growth...
but who would know if it would or not? humm

Godo luck with that!
God bless-