Thursday, May 22, 2008


As Matthew and I were going to bed last night we walked by the front windows and saw the most amazing moon display, ever.

The moon was huge and red with an amazing glow around it.

The moon was not, however, very photogenic and these two photos are the best out of the whole bunch.

The first photo shows the brightness, sort of. The second photo somewhat shows the color but, not really well, at all.

If you could somehow combine the two photos and add a brighter red color you may be getting closer to what we saw.

It was such a beautiful display I stood on the deck to moon-gaze and acquired three mosquito bites on my leg. It was that pretty.

Amazing view.


mcc monk said...

wow. before i read the text i thought to myself "that is a beautiful/unusual sunset." so, to say the least that is an amazing moon-view.

Katie R. said...

Hi mmc,
Thanks for stopping. Your sister is hilarious and your niece is just the cutest bug ever.

Welcome to blogworld. Yet another bites the dust.

It was really the weirdest and most beautiful moon I've seen.

Birdie said...

Wowie! I see the man in the moon! Thanks for sharing *s*