Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Wonderful Life

When we moved in October we brought along the sandbox (emptied) and the kids' swing/slide/climber play set. We never set either of them up again since it was soon to be winter and we needed to decide where they were going.

On Saturday both pieces of equipment were open for business yet again. Anna has definitely been happy about the sandbox's new sand and the play set she's finally old enough to enjoy. We've been out there quite a bit the last few days.

This evening while playing after supper she stopped swinging in mid-flight, got up on her feet, turned towards me and said, "Mama, do we get to do this everyday?!".

I said, "Pretty much, yep."

To which she replied, "Yes!".

My sentiments exactly.


Jessica said...

That is so sweet!

Kara Jo said...

Awwww! Love hearing that stuff. Little girl enjoying her childhood!

MaryLu said...

Sweet stuff right there, I hope the joy never wears off. (For you to be sure!)

LauraLynn said...

Enjoy it now......
It shall be November again soon:)

Amanda said...

lol What a cutie! I hope she keeps up her entusiasm for it. We have a snadbox (in an old round pool) and the kids spend LOTS of time in there. And this is our second year having one!

God bless-