Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Wishful Thinking

Monday morning was beautiful. Isaiah's been itching to sit outside on the deck and eat breakfast. I told him that'll probably be a daily occurrence once summer arrives...if it ever arrives.

I thought it would be fun to surprise the kids with breakfast on the deck Monday morning. It was nice enough to attempt. They both still needed sweatshirts and blankets but it was a pretty sunrise and we enjoyed the time together before Isaiah had to shuffle down the road to the bus.

We had to stay warm by eating oatmeal for breakfast. Other than the slightly chilly breeze I think we enjoyed ourselves.
After we finished breakfast Anna had had enough and went inside to warm up. Isaiah and I sat outside and chit-chatted. He asked me what I did for fun on summer mornings when I was little. I thought that was pretty cute of him to wonder. Made it even more difficult to send him off to school. We counted how many weeks left until summer break. Six more weeks. I think we can do it?


LauraLynn said...

You are the most awesome Mom I know. I admire how much you love your kids. You are creating a lifetime of memories for them~

Jessica said...

Aw, Katie.....that's so sweet. I hope when I have kids I'll think of making the effort to do little things just so I see them smile. You're a good mama.

Katie R. said...

Laura and Jess, you're both very sweet. I am not always very patient or mom-esque. I'm probably more on the yelling side of the mom scale. I've been trying to imagine how I'd spend time with my grandchildren. You know how grandparents don't get hung up on the little stuff? I'm trying, but parents have to train their babies too so it's a fine line in which I walk. I try not to fall off the line, it's hard.

Amanda said...

Your kids are so adorable!!! And how curious of him! I love it!

I am also getting very excited about eating outside... but I haven't tried it just yet! lol

God bless-

Cara said...

Good job Momma! I need to learn from you--to enjoy even the little things, and not let life slip away without enjoying every moment.

Keep up the great work! And enjoy those munchkins!