Sunday, April 20, 2008

A Safe Show-n-Tell

I read the newsletter for the upcoming week Isaiah's teacher sent home. She sends one home every Friday outlining the next week's activities and any news worthy tidbits. On the schedule for this week's sharing topic; bring your favorite book.


That is super easy and I can't wait. As long as the sharing topic doesn't involve a living, breathing mammal it's all good. Easy-peasy.


Amanda said...

lol Too funny! So is the picture the book he's bringing?

God bless-

Coffeegirl said...

Oh..this is my absolute fav. book! I did a project with it in children's lit. class in college, made all kinds of food out of styrofoam and the kids could act it out. Love it! Have fun!

Birdie said...


Katie R. said...

Not sure if this is the book he'll be taking. This is ranked high on his favs. list but Isaiah has so many favorites that he may choose a different one.

It is a fun book though! Sheri where'd you go to school? I didn't know you went for Elem.Ed. I went to UW-Stout for Early Childhood (birth-3rd grade)

Coffeegirl said...

Bethel..graduated with Elem. Ed, taught first grade for about 4 years.