Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Seedling Progress

As promised I have posted the progress of our seedlings. Can you stand it? I know, huh? We've been pretty fortunate with nice daytime temperatures so I am able to put the cart of seedling flats on the deck for natural light. This makes the seedlings a bit stronger than if they're left indoors the whole time. In the evening I bring them all back indoors.
This photo shows our radishes, acorn squash and two different types of tomatoes. All the flats are doing quite well. A few things haven't popped up but if memory serves correct the seeds were very tiny and with the help of the shorter members of this household the seeds may have been planted too deep. We'll see. We can always plant more once the ground is warm enough.
We held off waiting one week longer to plant the beans this year and I've realized it was still one week too soon. The bean plants need the garden to be ready. This will not happen until next week the earliest, however. Matthew is traveling this weekend to bring home all of the tractor implements he purchased for a great bargain down near his folks' place. He'll bring the rototiller implement back on Sunday. If he's excited enough I may be able to beg a tilled garden by Tuesday morning so Anna and I can get those beans in the ground. Then I'll pray for no more frost. Or I'll be out there covering up the plants with an old sheet or towel. It'll be a little early to put things in the ground but apparently we are very good bean growers.


Amanda said...

Looks good!!

God bless-

Jessica said...

How great! I love hearing about what y'all are doing. It's like another world to me. Love it.