Thursday, April 24, 2008

Bath Time Fun

Three things Anna said last night during her bath and while getting dressed. It may be more funny for me because I saw her expressions and heard her voice say what she said but, thought I'd get the statements down on "paper" just 'cause. Blogger happened to be down last night when I went to immediately post what she said so I'm hoping I remember what she all said as I get going here...

1. I often tell the kids they are my favorite "Isaiah" and "Anna" in the WHOLE world. Well guess what? Anna told me I was the best mama in the whole town. She said this with much enthusiasm so I shall take this as a compliment.

2. Her tummy growled while we were getting her jammies on and she said, "What my tummy sayin'?" I told her her tummy was telling her it was full from supper and nice and warm from her bath. She then decided that because she needed an interpreter that her tummy must speak a different language. After I watched her wheels a turnin' she said, "Mama, my tummy speaks Spanish just like Dora." I told her I thought that was neat.

3. I had to encourage Anna to get out of the tub and get dressed so I told her we should hurry and try to beat Isaiah, who was taking a shower downstairs. She obliged and when we were all done she ran out of her room yelling, "I beat Eee-ah!" Then she turned around and said Isaiah could win too. I told her I thought that was nice and that maybe she could be the first girl to finish and Isaiah could be the first boy to finish. Anna looked at me and very seriously told me, "Mama, that is a very good idea. Good thinkin', Mama."


Jessica said... nieces are about her age, I think, and I can just imagine how the wheels turn and they come out with such grownup words. My middle niece has taken to saying, "ChopChop!" when we're moving too slow for her liking....which, let's face it. That's all the time. (She's 3.)

erin said...

Oh my goodness! She cracks me up!