Monday, July 23, 2007

We're Ba-ack

We had a great time on our vacation and nobody wanted to come home. I have a feeling God may have wanted us to stay up there too. It may have something to do with the right front tire that blew out on the suburban on the way home. Not cool! Matthew and my dad got the spare on the truck and after LOTS of conflicting possible-tire-repair-guy locations we ended up back down in Two Harbors at a bona fide service station. No kidding! We had a "nice" walk around Two Harbors while we waited for our new tire and then we were actually on our way home. Just a little dose of reality before getting back to city-life.

Tons of fun memories that I'll post about later and may even get some photos posted. But for now, I've caught up on all the blogs I usually read and now must make a grocery list as we have nothing but cold cereal and frozen lake trout in the house.

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