Monday, July 23, 2007

Week's Events

During our vacation we had a pretty quiet week. We got up north on Saturday and just took it easy.

Sunday consisted of mini-birch bark canoe making along with a little race down a creek. Isaiah's boat came in second place. Anna hopped on a kayak with Matthew and tooled around the beach area.

Monday the boys, Gramps, Matthew and Isaiah, went fishing with a local fisherman and caught tons of lake trout. Isaiah caught the first fish, biggest fish and most fish. Grammy, Anna and I went back to Grand Marais (50min drive) for some much needed Benadryl. Mosquitoes really think Isaiah and Gramps are tasty.

The rest of the week pretty much consisted of swimming, canoeing, kayaking, blueberry picking, raspberry picking, hiking (near death experience but, all survived), relaxing and laughing.

Friday was THE day of the vacation. It started out all very normal until about 4pm when we were trapped in the cabin by a boar bear who became a regular nuisance at the lodge all week. He raided our garbage can, which accidentally did not get emptied by housekeeping in the morning. He drug the garbage behind the cabin and preceded to eat Anna's scrambled eggs and the leftovers from taco night on Thursday. Very exciting. He refused to leave until Matthew actually opened the door and yelled and hit rocks with our hiking stick. There's a warrant out for the arrest of the bear which means he will be dispatched shortly as soon as all the appropriate paper work is filed. He's actually becoming a bit aggressive and that is dangerous for people. Bears usually high tail it away from people this bear seeks the "company" of people and their garbage cans. There actually is more exciting information regarding the rest of the Rolli family's Friday afternoon/evening but, I'll save that for next time.

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Yeah I would have yelled and pounded a stick at it too.