Friday, July 13, 2007


Tomorrow we leave on our vacation, Yippee! We've been planning this trip since last fall and it's finally here. We're going up to the BWCA on the Gunflint Trail NW of Grand Marais, MN. Matthew and I went there on our honeymoon and we went for a couple days with Isaiah when he was two. We really wanted to have a fun family vacation and make some memories with grandparents, too. My mom and dad are coming along too for our little adventure. The kids are so excited as am I.

Yesterday was "clean the house up day" (as clean as our house gets anyway), I've been attacking laundry ALL week so the only dirty laundry is what we're all wearing today and now ....... it's packing day! The four Rollis and the two grandparents are all going in the Rolli Family's Green Beast so we are under strict packing guidelines from my dearest husband. I do believe he has stricter rules than NorthWest Airlines but, who cares it's a VACATION! I just have to get a week's worth of clothing for four people into one suitcase, I have confidence I can accomplish that goal. We are running over to my mom and dad's tonight to pack their stuff into the truck.

Then, tomorrow we get to leave for the north woods hiking, fishing, s'mores, swimming, berry picking, pontoon riding, etc. The lodge has a gourmet restaurant with locally grown/seasonal food that's amazing so if we don't feel like burgers we don't have to cook 'em we can walk on over to the lodge and just eat their food and they'll even wash the dishes for you :). We've never, ever gone on a week long family fun vacation EVER. I can't wait to experience the family memories and take lots of pictures so the kiddos can have fun vacation memories with Gramps and Grammy.

I'm off to pack and try to foresee everything my little family could possibly need for a week away from home. If I get smart enough I can try to post a few photos when we get back.

ps we still haven't heard the test results for my sister's kitty but, I'll let you know how that all turns out too. thanks again for the suggestions.

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Carla said...

Have an awesome trip Rolli family!!