Thursday, July 5, 2007

Simple Tastes

The kiddos and I just got back from a Fleet Farm trip and Isaiah just saw THE COOLEST CAR EVER! The car was parked next to us and as we were pulling away he announced the discovery and told me to look. I didn't see it at first because I wasn't sure if he was looking at the decked out truck or the pretty purple car that I happened to see. I asked him to explain which one and he said that it was the one without a trunk. Huh? Then I saw it, I hadn't seen one in years it was none other than a Chrysler Horizon Hatchback. How could I have not noticed it myself?

I will not be one of those moms that worry about her boy's want for a motorcycle as my son will be driving a 1970s hatchback. YES!!!!!

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kristi noser said...

By the time he is driving, the hatchback will be worth more than the motorcycle to be sure. If you can find a Chrysler Horizon that runs...